How to Email Your Perfect Promotion This Cyber Monday
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How to Email Your Perfect Promotion This Cyber Monday

Have you been doing business for a long time and consider yourself a pro at running online promotions? Or, are you a proud owner of a brand spanking new business and are not too sure on how to send out your first email promotion to your list? Either way, Cyber Monday is the perfect excuse for you to flex your email marketing muscles and execute the best sale that won’t take forever to carry out and will also result in quick cash to do whatever you please.

In case you are wondering, Cyber Monday is a term coined for the day that comes after Thanksgiving in the United States to persuade people to shop online. It is supposedly becoming the biggest online shopping days of the year.

That’s great news for you – the small business owner. You can send out an email promotion just because it is Cyber Monday and it is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

And today I am going to teach you how.

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You can of course tweak this method – in fact you should – and use in your business to generate a nice income in a matter of few days. 4 days to be exact!

Frank Kern, the Internet Marketing guru came up with the idea originally known as the Four Day Cash Machine. If you execute this well, it is bound to bring in thousands of dollars into your business within hours. Like all things available online though, you need to take this with a pinch of salt. Like all things available online though, you need to take this with a pinch of salt.

The amounts of money you will generate with depend on your offering – how good it is and also on your relationship with your list. (Notice I didn’t say size, a warm list of 500 people is way more valuable than a list of 5,000 people with 1% open rate.)

Assuming your offering is spot on, and you have a solid relationship with your readers, you should ace this promotion – no worries at all. Here is my take on having a perfect Cyber Monday sale.

Firstly, you need to offer a significant discount on your product.

Secondly, you need a reason to give this discount and make it a one-time offer only. The ideal time to run this campaign is either on a holiday like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or you could also come up with your own reason, like a birthday or your business anniversary.

Today we are going to go ahead and talk about the former.

You will be sending out four emails to your list that you need to write out in advance. The important thing is to note is when to email and when to say in each email. Be sure to thoroughly prepare before any holiday campaign you create.

Let me clarify this; if you have been running promotions, you might already be familiar with this. If this is your first time, you will learn how to do this effectively. Let’s dive in!

The 4 Day Cyber Sale

First email

The purpose of this email is to let your customers know that because you really appreciate them you are giving them a once-off ridiculous discount on a special day.

Email # 1 – Send on Day 1 in the morning.

Subject: THANK YOU

  • Thank them for being a loyal subscriber. Tell them that you are holding a special sale to show your appreciation.
  • State your offer by giving a big discount on any of your products. You could do the same for services if you have the time to take in more clients or if it is a relatively high end service and you anticipate fewer sales.
  • Add the link to the sales page, just under your first call to action.
  • Give them an additional reason and tie it to a holiday or a special date to lock in the date. For example: Cyber Monday.
  • Write a brief email as if you are writing to a close friend. Do not make it too salesy or do a hard sell. Ask your readers if they have any questions.
  • Add a relevant bonus. Do not go overboard.
  • Add a P.S reminding your audience that this special half off sale ends at midnight on (insert date). Say the benefit again.
  • Give the link again

Second email

The purpose of this email is to make sure that most people on your list see this promotion. Not all of your readers will open the first one.

Email #2 Send on Day 2 in the morning

Subject: Don’t miss out

  • Tell them that yesterday you sent them an email about a sale 50% off sale you are having and you are writing in case they missed it.
  • Tell them again that you really appreciate their being a subscriber and highlight the benefit of purchasing your product.
  • Tell them they can get more information by visiting this page and give the link.
  • Make sure you include the original email in the body of this email.

Third email

This email has the job to get people off the fence and also remove objections from their minds and make their decision as easy as possible.

Email #3 Send on Day 3 in the morning

Subject: Last day for (product)

  • Remind them that the special half day offer ends at midnight tomorrow.
  • Answer any reader questions you have received. It is fine to be strategic as long as it truly helps your readers make the right decision. Don’t create obvious questions you wished your prospective customers had asked.
  • Briefly give them the offer and the link.

Fourth email

In the final email, you are reminding them that this is the last time they are going to get this product at this low price and hopefully get the most sales on this day.

Email #4 Send on day 3 at 12.01pm

Subject: Last chance/final call/final notice etc.

  • Tell them less than 12 hours remain to grab this amazing deal and the offer ends at midnight *tonight*.
  • Remind them of the benefit and the discount.
  • Give them the link.

Does this sound too easy? You would be surprised to see the results as this totally works.

I tried it with my own product and I made 5 thousand dollars in one day (At that time I had a tiny list of less than 2,000 people). Not bad for sending out four emails, right? Don’t overthink it. Go on and do this … you will thank me later.

Happy Cyber Monday! Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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