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Tomorrow we celebrate a beautiful day – 4th of July. Between the hot dogs, fireworks, celebratory picnics, and family time there is room for us marketers to show off our red, white, and blue in our compelling emails.

What do I mean by compelling emails? Independence Day is a time when a lot of marketers send email greetings, show off new holiday products/services, or maybe they’d like their customers to know that there is a special 4th of July sale going on. Whatever the reason, amongst all these “Independence Day Sale!” and “Happy 4th if July!” your email might get lost if you don’t have the right subject line.

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Title Me Right

1. Personalized Titles

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, but there are just so many emails sent during that time, it’s just impossible to look at ALL the emails that land in ones inbox. You don’t want to get lost in the crowd of similar titles. In our research we looked at last year’s emails from 1st – 4th July and we noticed that personalized titles were doing just a bit better.

Think of it this way, when you open your inbox, would you rather see a generic “Happy 4th of July” or will you go straight to “Hey _____, Have a Happy Independence Day!”?

You’d probably go for the second one, right? Well then, your customers are more likely to think that way too! People no longer look for generic, everything has to personalized, from our smartphone cases, all the way down to our emails.

2. Longer Titles

Interestingly enough, longer subject lines were more successful. The average subject line during those days, had about 40-60 characters, which gives you enough room for a name and a “Happy _____” – but again, that’s kind of generic, right/? We have found that emails that had better open and click-through rates, also had above average word counts. Some of the better headlines had even up to 120 characters (that’s like a really good tweet)!

In a way this point ties in with our first one – say a little more than just a holiday greeting, add some flair, make your title the one that stands out right away!

3. Interesting Titles

What else makes titles go from generic to wow? A good joke, a silly saying, or perhaps an innovative and weird subject line. Don’t go off the rockers here, but let your imagination go at least a little outside the box.

This is a beautiful American holiday. FREEDOM is heard throughout the land. What comes to your mind when you think of America and Independence Day? Can any of that tie in with what you’re offering to your clients? Can you make an analogy, perhaps you DO sell the All American Dream?

As a marketer you have to think about ways to make yourself stand out. If you show your customers that you are willing to think of a great way to make your product, All American on such a holiday, it shows that you know how to make your business versatile. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a great community?

Title Me Successful

Whether you want to let your customers know about your holiday sale or you just simply want to send them holiday greetings – do it from the heart. The more thought out your actions are, the better the results. Get rid of the generic titles and the boring, regular ones.

Your subscribers will appreciate the innovative touch and in turn they will follow through on incentives that you send their way.

A Happy 4th of July from us here at GetResponse, and enjoy our 4th of July Email Infographic! And remember to share with us in the comments below, how your business celebrates this day.

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