Five Sources for Great Newsletter and Blog Content


I’ve blogged before about how generating good content comes from knowing the questions that your customers are asking. But what if they aren’t your customers yet? What if you need to seek some inspiration outside of your company team or ecosystem? Here are five great sources which can help you generate excellent content for your blog and your newsletter.


1. Twitter

A search from your Twitter page for a key word of interest can bring you a slew of new ideas and insight. People curate a lot of excellent content via Twitter.

Twitter chats are another great resource for any number of topics. You’ll find people asking and answering a lot of good questions here. The easiest way I’ve found to look for lists of Twitter chats is to do a Google search for “subject” Twitter chat. So, for marketing you would search for: “Marketing twitter chats.”


2. Pinterest

A picture really is worth a thousand words! A brief search for your topic of interest should pull up some great data such as survey charts and infographics – for example, try searching for the word “email” and you’ll get a stack of good info in visual form.


3. User reviews

Often people will point out features or services they think a product is lacking when commenting/reviewing products on a website. They also ask questions and answering good questions makes for great content.


4. Google search

The oracle of the internet. One good search leads to another and before you know it, voila — you have inspiration on your hands! Start at the higher abstracts and then use the search returns to narrow things down.


5. Other people’s newsletters

You don’t know everything. What’s worse is you won’t even know what you don’t know if you don’t try to know what other people are thinking – this gives perspective. Subscribing to newsletters and following industry blogs such as the GetResponse blog are excellent sources for new ideas when it comes to content and presentation.


What about you? What online tools have you found useful for helping you generate great content?

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