Facebook Targeting Options That You Need to Know
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Facebook Targeting Options That You Need to Know

Facebook is the most prolific and well-known social media networking site but it can be hard for a business to know how to target its ads to the right people. With so many users online, a given ad can be lost completely within the sea of conversation, so it’s important for a business to understand Facebook’s targeting options.

Utilising Facebook’s targeting options effectively will lower ad costs on the service and it will also increase conversions. The best way for a business to be successful in its advertising efforts is for it to reach the best and most specific audience possible.

Let’s consider how your business can be much more successful on Facebook with some simple Facebook targeting options to help you target and reach the best audience for your ads.


Use Facebook Data

Facebook is still growing and as it evolves it seeks to increase its profits. To do so, the online social media service has been introducing a variety of new advertising options. This is with advertisers themselves in mind as Facebook intends to provide a good experience for them on its service.

Perhaps the best new approach from Facebook for marketers is its offer of precise demographic targeting. Facebook has been quietly sharing user data with some big and powerful data companies including Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix. The social media site has shared and allowed brands to access vast amounts of audience data.

The data being shared includes:

  • Consumer purchase habits
  • Demographic information
  • Both online and offline consumer activity

Those data pools provide a business with the tools that it needs to better target audiences and reach them within the best possible context. Understanding your audience and how your brand fits into their lives is very important.


Demographic data and how it helps your brand

For general users of Facebook it may be problematic to learn that Facebook collates and gathers so much data. For advertisers and marketers however it’s great news and something that a business will want to understand and capitalise on.

Ad Creation Tool

Facebook has introduced an Ad Creation tool that makes it easier for advertisers to utilise that wealth of data. The deep demographic targeting used by Facebook is a goldmine for advertisers and it’s now available to everyone.

For any advertiser wanting to use this and access the extensive demographic targeting options they merely need to create an ad. Then scroll down to the Audience options and select the More Demographics button. There are currently 10 categories on the social media service and each has subsets. In total there are well over 100 demographic targeting options.

More Demographics

It’s worth exploring this area further as the 10 main demographic options offer loads of potential approaches with its segmented sub-categories. Really research your desired audience too, as the more you explore your audience’s wants, needs, and habits the more successful your advertising campaigns will be.


Using ad segment categories can lower ad costs

Deliberately targeting specific demographic categories can have a marked benefit when it comes to your advertising efforts. In the past Facebook provided very few options, but now with the Ad Creation tool those options are much more diverse.


When you choose interests and advertising segment categories ensure that you’re as focused as possible. Choosing the right interests is an important factor when it comes to lowering cost-per-click and targeting the right option can increase click through rates.

A business really needs to understand its audience to be successful in its advertising push. If advertisers and marketers don’t know their audience’s interests, hobbies, and activities it becomes much harder to target. It also increases ad costs and ROI as advertising to the wrong audience will have very little in the way of successful returns.


Understand your audience’s behaviour

If you know your audience almost innately you’ll increase conversions and be better able to target your audience and its behaviour. This type of targeting mostly relies on the activities of an audience whilst offline and as an approach it can be very effective when it comes to creating conversions.


Although behaviour targeting has marked benefits it can also be a costly venture. Out of demographics, interests, and audience behaviour, this type of targeting is by far the most expensive. However the choices in this category are varied and each one provides hundreds of behaviour targeting opportunities.


The best approach

For any business looking to better reach an audience it must ensure that it’s targeting the right audience. If it doesn’t that business will find that its marketing efforts fall short of its desired effect and it will also find that it’s merely wasting money.

Understanding your audience will translate beneficially into lower costs, greater engagement, and higher conversion rates for your brand. Explore the options fully and ensure that the adverts are delivered to the right people and ones that will promote, share, and buy from your brand.

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