Email ROI: 4000% – Says New DMA Report
by Hanna Andrzejewska last updated on 0

Email ROI: 4000% – Says New DMA Report

A newcomer to GetResponse and the Email Marketing Tips Blog team, I’m in a hurry to say hello! and deliver the latest research findings from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) about the ROI results of the major marketing channels, detailed in their new report – The Power of Direct.

Well, commercial email marketing is doing just fine, despite the much-heralded deterioration of this form of marketing. In fact, it’s doing great, with ROI still at 4000%.

Email’s still the best

Email remains unbeaten, with ROI still almost $41 per dollar spent. It has maintained its dominant position in relation to other Internet channels, which remain far behind in their ROI results: mobile – $10.51, social media – $12.71, display – $19.72 and search – $22.24.

Email marketing is also slowly preparing to take over direct marketing in terms of sales driven, with $576 billion in sales driven this year and a projected $651.8 billion next year (in comparison to direct marketing’s projected results at $642.4 billion).

This, in the long run, means a complete shift in the marketer’s focus – a shift toward innovative email marketing tools and solutions and a demand for experience and proficiency in the industry’s advanced strategies and technologies.

It also implies a rush of brand new customers and markets that are leaving traditional direct marketing in favor of email marketing. For them, it’s time to abandon the sinking ship.

The future of email

So, there are reasons to cheer. Email will remain the king amongst other forms of commercial communication – even though it’s been on top for some time and, as a product, has grown to the saturation phase.

For an experienced email marketer this fact can help set the course for future development.

Email’s peak position remains unthreatened. At the same time the ROIs of other forms of marketing are also projected to grow, with the forecasted flow of money mainly to mobile and social.

So, where should you be heading?

Simply follow the money to social media and mobile email marketing. If that’s the tendency, smart and advanced integration with those channels will be the key to success.

Your growth opportunity is in extending the scope and reach of your mailing campaigns to new audiences by recognizing and optimizing other channels, such as social networks, blogs, online resource libraries and mobile phones.

Here’s a bunch of tips from past entries (yes, we already saw it coming) to help you get ready for new things to come:

  • Make yourself open and available for new prospects via Facebook;
  • Turn your recipients into brand advocates by providing sharing options in your newsletters – incentivize sharing;
  • Make your newsletters available via your social media accounts;
  • Publish your newsletters in the Newletter/RSS Archive and Newsletter Directory to expand your reach to random web users and facilitate their sign ups;
  • Have a webform available on your corporate blog and promote it (the blog) not only in your newsletters but also via your social media accounts,
  • Make your newsletter mobile-friendly by adjusting its design and format to the limitations of the phone‘s screen and equip it with all sorts of handy information that a mobile user might need.

The DMA report outlines the tendencies for the future, and we need to treat it as a lesson to learn – you can optimize your ROI only if you’re always a step ahead.

So, is your $1 earning you $40 yet?

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