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How to COPE Your Content for Guaranteed Conversion Rates

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Have you thought about increasing your Content Conversion? Along with the content marketing boom, many useful strategies for driving traffic and brand awareness have been born. One of them is called the COPE strategy: “Create Once, Publish Everywhere.” From the main concept, we can tell that it’s something that can potentially influence any business’ productivity by giving it a new audience reach and a wider name brand awareness.

With COPE strategy, you are basically building digital assets, or content, and spreading them on every possible content channel. Content has many forms: articles, infographics, audiobooks, videos, live feeds, webinars, and some more others. If you understand the main target audience of your business, you’ll be able to leverage this content marketing strategy the best.

During today’s article, we’ll first look at COPE strategy’s benefits. Afterward, we’ll continue with a step-by-step process on creating this strategy for your business, and then we’ll follow with some useful tips and insights.

The benefits of COPE content marketing strategy.

Let’s better start off with some interesting statistics. 62% of nowadays content marketers believe that the improved content creation techniques that they have performed hold 85% of the credit for their content marketing success. If they say so, why wouldn’t we take it as a fact and start adapting?

1. Compensate for the existing gaps in your content marketing strategy.

Well, firstly, the moment you start creating and publishing quality content on more than two or three content channels, you’re making sure that at least one of the channels will bring the results that you expect. If your audience prefers videos over articles, you’ll know that you’ve touched a hot spot, and you’ll know where to focus next.


2. Reach potential audiences.

It’s obvious; the moment you publish more content on more content channels, the moment you’ll have more reach. Putting your content in front of new readers is your primary target, so “being everywhere,” on every social media channel, to be more exact, is the best way to proceed.

3. Improve brand awareness and audience’s respect.

 Ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuck? A self-made millionaire that now guides other people how to improve your company’s brand awareness, make better decisions and basically be everywhere. That guy is everywhere. If you start studying him a little bit, you’ll notice that there’s an inner instinct to respect the guy for the effort he’s putting to spread his content through so many content channels.

He’s using the COPE strategy but doesn’t call it that. His name is now extremely known, he holds marketing conferences, and he’s one of the biggest social media influencers around the web.

COPE content marketing strategy

5 Steps to creating your personalized COPE strategy.

This specific content marketing strategy is not that difficult. Of course, it has its little tweaks, but if you put up some time and effort, you’ll surely manage to perform it well and bring awesome results.

Some content ideas won’t make an impact, while some will. Some content channels will bring poor results, while some will make you rich and famous. Before even attempting to implement the COPE strategy, you need to remember one thing: COPE is all about testing and optimizing.

There’s quite a big chance to fail at the beginning. That shouldn’t stop you from keeping your head up and continuing the good work. Here’s how you should approach this content marketing strategy:

1. Find awesome content ideas.

Every great accomplishment begins with an idea. You should treat the brainstorming process with much care and interest. Some ideas will work wonders, while some will fail to make the impact that you want. Take some time and create a relatively big list of ideas (15-20). Write them down, sleep on them, and then choose the one that you believe it will perform the best. Also, make sure that your idea can fit all the formats of content that you want to repurpose.

2. Make sure that your content is highly relevant and valuable.

Joe Pulizzi, a successful content marketer, said that companies that aren’t willing to consistently deliver highly relevant and useful content may be better off not delivering it at all. That’s kind of true. With today’s competition, you’ll never be able to overstep them if you’re not giving your best.

Your content is your weapon. If you never sharpen it, it will fail to do its job. If you fail to include quality elements in your content, your content marketing strategy…well…it’ll fail miserably.

3. Hire editorial human resources and build a calendar.

If you’re planning to use the COPE strategy, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. Of course, if you work 12-13 hours a day consistently, you could do it, but most people would rather outsource an editorial team to take care of the content that needs to be repurposed.

A professional writing service could be a great option. Create an editorial calendar and make sure that every team member is up to date with what’s happening and what needs to be done.

4. Personalize your content according to your biggest influencers.

It’s often advised to personalize your content according to certain criteria. One of that criteria is the possibility of reaching a social media influencer. These are people who have a huge base of active followers that are constantly looking at the content that they share. If they can share yours, you’ll be seen by hundreds and millions of people from all around the world. Therefore, your content can become viral, and your business name will be better known across the world.

5. Test ideas through analytics and optimize.

Test, test, test, and optimize. That’s the premise which most content marketers and other types of online marketers use whenever they deal with their business. If your COPE strategy fails when you first try it, it’s normal. What you’ll have to do is to pay close attention the analytics details and spot what you did wrong.

After you have noticed what needs to be tweaked, start optimizing your campaign and find best solutions that would help in further development. Never give up, because the only way to reach success comes if you keep trying!


Personally, I should say that the COPE strategy doesn’t fail to deliver the amazing content marketing performance benefits it promises. That, of course, will only happen if you manage to make that campaign of your successful. It really depends on the type of business that you’re conducting, the quality of content that you’re writing, and the content channels that you’re using.

Would you like to share your experience of using COPE-ing strategy? Do you use any other powerful methods?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.