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Top 3 AI landing page builders for 2024

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Designing a high-converting landing page can be very time-consuming, though. However, an effective AI landing page generator can simplify your process. 

Today, we’ll explore three major AI landing page builders you should try in 2024. We’ll be looking into their unique features, pros and cons, as well as the costs. 

But first…

What are AI landing page builders?

AI landing page builders are tools that use artificial intelligence to create enticing landing pages for your online marketing campaigns. These web pages are designed to promote one call to action— for example, signing up for a newsletter, registering for a webinar, or buying a particular product. 

An AI landing page generator simplifies the process of creating landing pages. For instance, you could tell the landing page AI the goal of your campaign and your target market. The builder will use this information to create several landing pages that you can tweak to meet your preferences. 

Why use an AI landing page builder

An AI landing page builder automates your landing page creation process. You won’t have to spend so much time developing ideas from scratch. This is because the landing page generator AI gives you several ideas to get you started. You can then proceed to create custom landing pages by editing specific elements based on your preferences.

AI landing page builders are quite intuitive, so they help you generate a well-optimized page that captures the attention of your visitors. Think about calls to action that are strategically placed or landing page copy that is straightforward and impactful.

When combined with your human input and creativity, an AI landing page builder is a powerful toolkit that you can use to create a beautiful landing page.

3 Best AI landing page builders for 2024 

As promised, let’s now show you three major AI landing page generators you can use in 2024:

1. GetResponse

First on our list is GetResponse. That’s us. The Getresponse AI landing page builder is an easy-to-use that helps you build landing pages with a matter of seconds. You can add, remove, or rearrange elements on your landing page with a drag-and-drop builder. 

All you have to do is fill in some fields about business information and choose your preferences regarding the features and designs. And AI will generate your landing page within a matter of seconds.

You can always add a human touch afterward and modify the content and design manually with an easy to use editor and drag and drop builder.

Other key features include:

Pre-designed templates – GetResponse gives you access to many professionally designed templates optimized for your campaign goal. You can also use the landing page AI to generate a personalized template that matches your visual preferences.

Responsive design – GetResponse lets you create landing pages that will automatically adapt to different devices or screen sizes. You can also preview how your page looks across different devices and easily make edits to enhance your responsive UI design. 

Seamless integrations – GetResponse integrates with various third-party tools to enhance your campaign’s performance. For example, you’ll find Shopify, Google Ads, Stripe, Salesforce, and more integrations. 

Our platform also has various other marketing tools like email marketing automation and popups. That should reduce the number of integrations and third-party apps needed.

See this quick step-by-step guide on how you can create stunning landing pages with GetResponse:

It’s also worth pointing out that GetResponse will help you optimize your landing page by suggesting relevant keywords that can boost search engine performance. Additionally, you’ll receive a free domain that you can use to publish your landing page after creation. You can also connect to your site’s domain if you wish to. 


Here’s a quick highlight of why users like GetResponse:

  • An easy to use AI Landing page generator
  • GetResponse has an intuitive editor that’s easy to use. 
  • It has a blend of unique features that help to create engaging landing pages.
  • You can access additional marketing tools like email marketing, form builders, and pop-ups.


We’ll be the first to admit that our platform is not perfect. Here are the limitations.

  • GetResponse’s free plan has limited features.
  • A/B testing is not available for autoresponders.

Overall, GetResponse AI landing page builder is an effective tool that you can use to generate landing pages that convert. It’s also recommended if you’re seeking a holistic solution for your online marketing needs because of the additional tools available on the platform.


GetResponse has free and paid pricing plans. The Free plans offer a good blend of features like a website builder, sign-up forms, and email marketing—apart from the landing page builder.  

The paid plan on GetResponse starts at $19 monthly. This includes additional features like an AI email generator, autoresponders, and popups. We also have advanced paid plans with more features you can adopt as your business or marketing needs grow.

2. SiteKick

SiteKick is an AI-powered tool that can help you build landing pages faster and more effectively. Some of its key features include: 

One-click landing page creation: With SiteKick, you simply need to input your brand name and a product or company description. The landing page AI will then put together a design with a well-written landing page copy and beautiful images.


AI image generation: You can use Sitekick to generate images for your landing pages. Just describe your image idea in detail and let the AI do the rest.

Customization options: SiteKick’s drag-and-drop editor lets you create custom landing pages with various templates, fonts, and images. 


  • SiteKick comes with a dashboard that’s easy to customize. 
  • You get a 14-day free trial to explore the features. The paid pricing plans are also affordable.
  • You can integrate your landing page with other tools like Zapier, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.   

Users have also commended SiteKick for its exceptional customer support. 


  • You may experience certain errors in data collection and analysis. This could be due to site changes or other external factors.


SiteKick’s Basic plan costs $20. The plan gets you unlimited website generation, an AI editor, and hosting for a single website. If you wish to access more features based on higher business needs, opt for the Pro and Agency plans at $49 and $99, respectively.

 3. Plai

Plai is an easy-to-use AI-powered landing page creator. With Plai, you can generate personalized landing pages focused on yielding conversions.

Plai an AI-powered landing page creator


The platform offers various landing page layout suggestions and generates persuasive landing page copy for your target audience. You also get a simple contact form for generating leads.


  • It’s easy to optimize your landing page based on relevant keywords on the AI recommendations.
  • Plai also offers a 7-day free trial and has affordable pricing plans.
  • Plai has a powerful analytics toolkit that allows you to get insights about how your campaign is performing. 


  • A common complaint about Plai is that its UI/UX experience isn’t so awesome and may need a refresh. 
  • Plai may not be the best option if you wish to create a more advanced campaign.


Plai is quite pricey. It has different plans for Brands, Agencies, and Startups, all starting at $97 monthly. The difference between these plans is the features offered. For example, the plan for Agencies will let you share reports and analytics with clients easily. This is not available on the other plans.

There’s also a “Whitelabelling” plan for enterprises at $97 monthly and a custom plan for larger companies and specific business needs.

In closing

Building the perfect landing page doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to the help of AI landing page builders, you can create high-converting landing pages with just a few clicks– even if you don’t have any coding skills.

Today, we showed you three powerful AI-powered tools for building beautiful landing pages. These are GetResponse, SiteKick, and Plai.

GetResponse is a remarkable AI landing page builder that you can also use to boost your online marketing efforts. It’s a great choice if you need a tool that optimizes your marketing campaigns. You can get started with a free account today

SiteKick and Plai can also be good choices, depending on your needs. 

So, assess your business needs and pick a page builder that can help you achieve those goals. Good luck!

Nael Chhaytli
Nael Chhaytli
Nael Chhaytli is a Digital Marketing Expert and a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at GetResponse with a diverse background in marketing specializations. He has used his expertise to drive success and growth for businesses in the service, SaaS, and e-commerce sectors.