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5 HR Infographics to Start Your Day

3 min

A morning routine can help you harness all those little things that make your day productive. One activity I highly recommend is to enjoy a daily dose of inspirational writings. Are you in? Then make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got five inspiring ideas for you today. Grab a sip of coffee and find out what’s hot in social recruiting in 2016 — and much more.

1. Four Key Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016

We start with a quick reminder of the LinkedIn survey on Global Recruiting Trends in 2016. In this infographic, you get the gist of four leading trends. But If you want detailed data, download the entire document and dig in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Quality of hire turns out to be the most important metric of recruitment success.
  • Finding quality talent is all about social networking and employer branding. (Note that employee referrals are among peaking trends.)
  • To have your recruitment effort pay off, make retention a priority.
Source: LinkedIn

2. Retain Top Talent Before It’s Too Late

Getting the best-of-the-best on board isn’t easy. So take a close look at your retention game plan. Here’s a suggestion for keeping your talent loyal – cater to their need to stay engaged.

Key Takeaways:

  • High turnover ratio equals your hard-earned money going down the drain. It can add up to 1/5 of payroll costs!
  • The manager’s interpersonal skills, such as listening and coaching, are a significant influence. And there is power in positive recognition.
  • Engaged employees place trust in the organization they work for. So stick to open communication about the business — the good and the bad.
  • A sense of purpose carries weight with Millennials. Make sure they can relate their specific work to the overall mission of the company.
Source: YouEarnedIt

3. Recruiting in the Age of Social Media

Social recruitment was last year’s hot trend, and it will retain its strong position in 2016. This infographic gives you neatly presented insights on how to benefit from online recruiting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook and Twitter are useful for employer branding projects and employee referrals.
  • LinkedIn is used mainly to search, track and contact candidates.
  • LinkedIn wins first place among social networks used by recruiters. And yet, more than half of recruiters use two or more sites when scouting for talent. Among the top three are Facebook and Twitter.
  • It’s likely that recruiters will check you out on Facebook, so you’d better keep your profile clean.

4. How to Put Your Best Foot Forward on Your LinkedIn Profile

So far, we’ve learned that LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the hands of recruiters. This link has practical tips for job seekers on how to build your online presence with a complete, comprehensive LinkedIn profile.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t be a string of digits and letters. Customize the URL of your profile and post it on all the platforms you use for professional purposes.
  • Be creative when coining descriptions, but avoid ostentation. Terms such as ninja, guru, or wizard reduce your credibility with recruiters.
  • Make your summary appealing but brief. Focus on your experience section. Briefly introduce the employer and share your work samples if possible.
  • Work on your social network. Get reciprocal recommendations. Give “likes” and “follows.
Source: Spring Professional

5. Marketing Majors: Avoid Becoming an Industry Dinosaur

I strongly believe that this infographic may be useful not only for marketing majors but also for anyone working in the industry (including recruiters). Get tips from eight marketing pros on how to deal with ever-changing reality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful marketers don’t rest on their laurels. So stay updated, learn from the best, and constantly raise the bar. Also, always have your customers’ needs foremost in your mind.
  • Got an awesome idea? React on the spot and don’t keep it to yourself. It’s likely that someone has already come up with something similar.
  • Whatever you do, develop a working marketing strategy – this rule will never get old.
Source: TheLadders

That’s it for today. Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday and end of the week. Were the infographics interesting? Can you suggest anything worth looking at?

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