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Create high-converting emails with personalized images, countdown timers and more.

About the integration

NiftyImages provides an affordable solution for real-time email personalization; allowing marketers to quickly create endless images across an entire email strategy. These easy to use tools help improve user engagement and strengthening brand loyalty by delivering a personalized, visual experience for the subscriber at the moment of engagement.

Connect GetResponse with NiftyImages to:

  • Create dynamic, personalized images in your email campaigns using data from GetResponse, such as the recipient’s name, location, or other custom fields
  • Incorporate real-time countdown timers in your GetResponse email campaigns to create a sense of urgency for limited-time offers
  • Add personalized maps, calendars and charts to your emails, or send critical alerts to your recipients

How does it work?

Go through a few simple steps to connect NiftyImages with GetResponse:

  1. Create an image in your NiftyImages account with the editor, use one of their templates or upload your own
  2. Create a new merge tag layer, using one of your GetResponse merge tags
  3. Add the layer to your image, then publish the image
  4. Copy the generated code, it will look something like this: <img src=”[[firstname]]”>
  5. Change the default merge tag to one used by GetResponse (e.g. <img src=”{{CONTACT `subscriber_first_name`}}”>)
  6. Create a newsletter in your GetResponse account, then add a custom code block and enter the generated code


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