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Personalize images, videos and landing pages with subscriber data.

About the integration

Hyperise is a marketing platform specializing in personalization to enhance subscriber engagement. It enables users to create customized images, videos, and website content tailored to individual recipients or audience segments. By integrating it with GetResponse, you can further personalize your email communications and landing pages.

Connect GetResponse with Hyperise to:

  • Add personalized images and videos to your email campaigns
  • Personalize your GetResponse landing pages and websites with dynamic content
  • Monitor the performance of your personalized marketing campaigns

How does it work?

Go through a few simple steps to connect Hyperise with GetResponse:

  1. Log in to your Hyperise account, navigate to the Integrations page, locate and click on GetResponse, and select it as your active integration. Save your changes.
  2. After saving, the Image Link with all required GetResponse personalization tags will be generated. Copy this link to use it in your GetResponse email template.
  3. Log in to your GetResponse account, click on “Email Marketing,” and either create a new newsletter or select an existing email template to edit.
  4. In the email editor, locate the Custom HTML block, drag and drop it into the desired position within your email template, and paste the copied Image Link from Hyperise into the HTML code section.
  5. Click “Apply” to save the changes, then return to the email editor to view the personalized image with Hyperise personalization tags in your email template.


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