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Integrate MemberMouse with GetResponse to start selling membership and subscription products.

About the integration

Sync your contact information between MemberMouse and GetResponse and send targeted communication in response to your contact’s behavior.

The one-time integration activation enables the following trigger actions to be sent to GetResponse automatically:

  • Join: When GetResponse receives a Join action, it can trigger an autoresponder series or special offer for new members.
  • Move to another level: This action can trigger delivery of paid content or direct members to protected areas they can access.
  • Cancel: If a member cancels, this can trigger a custom save-a-sale message or save-a-customer offer.
  • Purchase: Use this to trigger an automatic up-sell offer or suggest an add-on purchase for any sale or bundled sale.

How does it work?

Through the API integration, the Member Mouse Push Notification System notifies GetResponse of certain trigger actions. This means you can customize a series of autoresponder messages for each membership level.

The API also feeds sales data to GetResponse Advanced Segmentation, so you can zero-in on niche markets, refine your message to pinpoint accuracy, and tailor content to maximize each member’s experience.

Upon integrating the platforms, new contacts in MemberMouse will automatically be added to your GetResponse account and assigned to a campaign you select.

Note: The API activation doesn’t automatically export contacts already listed in your MemberMouse account. You can manually export those contacts to a .csv file then import them into GetResponse in the Imports tab.


  • GetResponse account
  • MemberMouse account
  • Website built with WordPress


  • Promote your offer
  • Sell online
  • Synchronize your contacts
  • Ecommerce
  • Website builders

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