Do webinars work on mobile devices?

Yes, you and webinar attendees can use the GetResponse Webinar app. The app makes it possible for:

  • Webinar attendees to join a webinar from their mobile devices.
  • You to run a webinar from your phone or tablet.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Note: GetResponse Webinars lets you run live events. It’s not possible to create a webinar in this app. If you’d like to learn more on how to create a webinar, please refer to How do I create a webinar? for instructions.

What can I do with GetResponse Webinars app?

With the GetResponse Webinars app, you can:

  • Meet with up to 3 and present to up to 1000 people
  • Stream up to 4 live audio and video feeds
  • Control interaction with audio modes
  • Present documents, videos, reports, and presentations
  • Share an interactive whiteboard to impress your audience
  • Enable text chat during your online event
  • Record and store your events
  • Lock/unlock access to your webinar room
  • View statistics

Can I run a webinar from a mobile device?

It’s possible to run a webinar from a phone or tablet. Here’s how it works:

1. On your phone or tablet, log into your GetResponse account and go to Webinars>>Manage.
2. Expand the actions menu next to the webinar name and select Join as presenter. What happens next depends on whether or not you have the app on your device:

  • If you do, we’ll automatically open the webinar with the mobile app.
  • If you don’t, we’ll open the right version of the app for download first. After you’ve installed it, return to the webinars list and select Join as presenter.

3. In a pop-up window, select Open to confirm you’d like open the page using GetResponse Webinars. Once you do, a second confirmation message appears.

4. Tap Yes to confirm you’d like to join the event.

5. In the app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner to expand the menu.

6. Select START EVENT to begin the webinar.

To leave the webinar, select LEAVE EVENT. A confirmation message appears. From there, you can:

  • Cancel the action and return to the webinar.
  • Leave the webinar.
  • End the webinar.

If you try to log out before you end the webinar, a prompt appears asking you to confirm you’d like to leave the event.

What can attendees do with GetResponse Webinars?

Mobile webinar attendees, just like desktop attendees, can participate in your webinar in Participant and Presenter modes.

In the Participant mode, the attendees can:

  • Access basic room settings (language and mode enabled for the room)
  • Watch video streams
  • Use the chat feature
  • See the items the organizer or presenter posts to the whiteboard.

In the Presenter mode (which you, as the organizer, can enable), the attendees can:

  • Change the settings (video, audio, room settings, mode)
  • Share video streams
  • Use the chat feature
  • Share content
  • Use the whiteboard
  • Play YouTube videos
  • Display browser content
  • See the tools in use
  • Start recording a webinar.

When you select Collaborate, all participants can use the whiteboard.

How can attendees join a webinar from a mobile device?

We automatically detect when attendees join the event from a phone or tablet using the link in the invitation or confirmation email.

  • Attendees who already have the app can join the webinar (if it’s in progress) or proceed to the waiting room (if the event hasn’t started yet)
  • For attendees who don’t have the app, we automatically open the correct version based on their device and OS. When the installation is complete, they should return to the webinar invitation (for registration-optional events) or registration confirmation email (for registration-required events), and click the link or button to join the webinar.

When someone registers for your Webinar, they will receive a registration confirmation email. If your contacts are asked for a pin when joining your webinar from mobile – such as when joining without the Webinar app installed – It can be found in the content of this email.

confirmation of registration email pin.

Note: This pin is not available for Webinars with the registration required setting disabled.

You can also locate this information for mobile access in the Webinar room itself. To locate it, click the Event Board option. A menu will appear, which contains information about your Webinar. You will find your Room ID listed here. Please note this is interchangeable with the pin included in the registration confirmation email.

event board room id.