How to send an email through GetResponse Chats?

To be able to send an email through chats, you need to have the person’s email address. To collect their email address, you need to send them a visitor capture form. Once they fill out the capture form, the email option will be enabled.

You need to switch the chat mode to email at the bottom of the chat window to send an email through chats.

Switch the chat to email shown.

When someone is no longer on the page and you have their email address, the chat will automatically switch to the email mode.

Email mode shown.

You need to type your message in the chat window and click on the Send email message button. 

Send email message icon shown.

The message will appear in the chat window and there will be an Email message label above it.

The email message in the chat window shown.

The email will be sent from our email address and will have the title “Reply to your chat conversation”.

The email in inbox shown

The email will contain up to 10 last messages from the chat. In the email, there will be a link to your chat page included. People can click on Link and they will be taken to your chat page to continue the chat.

Link to the chat page in the email shown.