How to create Contact Form 7 using an integration with WordPress?

Our newest integration lets you add people signing up via Contact Form 7 to your GetResponse list when they check the opt-in box. Before you use it, make sure you’ve installed and activated the Contact Form 7 plugin first (otherwise, it won’t appear within Adding contacts).

Here’s how to edit your contact form template:

  1. In your WordPress account go to Contact > Contact Forms to edit existing form or Contact > Add New to create a new one.
  2. Paste the following snippet into the contact form template. Customize the tags, custom fields and call to action to suit your brand identity and encourage people to sign up.

    <label> Your first name (required)
    [text* firstname] </label>

    <label> Your last name (required)
    [text* lastname] </label>

    <label> Your Email (required)
    [email* email] </label>

    <label> City
    [text gr4wp_custom_city] </label>

    <label> book1
    [text gr4wp_tag_book1] </label>

    <label> Your Message
    [textarea your-message] </label>

    <label>Sign up to our newsletter
    [gr4wp_checkbox] </label>

    [submit "Send"]

    Instead of using first name and last name in separate fields, you can use one name field:

    <label> Your name (required)
    [text* fullname] </label>

    You can add any GetResponse custom field to it using the following syntax:


    where customfieldname is the name of your custom field.

    You can also use the form for assiging tags to your contacts using the following syntax:


    where tagname is the name of the tag.
  3. Save the form.
  4. Enable in integrations.