How to fix the most common webinar issues?

In this article, we share solutions to the most common issues with webinars.

I started the event earlier by mistake. What can I do?

  1. While in the webinar room, click on the red End event button in the bottom left corner.
  1. In the popup window select Leave event.

Alternatively, you can simply close the browser tab.

In this way, you will be able to launch the event again, as if it had never started.

How can I share a link to my event with guest presenters and participants who did not receive it?

There are two types of links which you can share with people depending on who you want to invite to your event.

Inviting a guest presenter

  1. Go to the Webinars tab.
  2. Hover over 3 vertical dots to the right of your event and click Invite guest presenters.
  1. Copy the link from the popup window and share it with the presenter you want to invite to your event.

Inviting a participant

  1. Go to the Webinars tab.
  2. Copy the link visible under the name of your webinar.
  1. Share it with your participant, either via a newsletter sent through GetResponse or externally.

My participants are prompted to download the webinar app on their mobile device. What can I do to avoid it?

To ensure the proper operation of our webinars feature on any mobile device, we recommend using our GetResponse Webinar app, which can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.

Webinar participants can join webinars from mobile devices via Safari and Chrome, but they will be prompted to download the app if they try to access an event through an in-built browser of a given device.

I don’t want to share participants’ names during an event. Can I hide them?

Yes, you can hide the names of your participants. To do that:

  1. While in the webinar room, click on the gear icon in the Attendees section.
  1. The Enable for attendees option should be OFF.

If you want to show the names, simply switch the toggle to ON position.