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Cross channels with ease from hard-copy print to mobile, social media and email marketing, using our QR Code Generator, fully integrated with your GetResponse account.

Extend the scope and reach of your mailing campaigns to new audiences by offering web forms, archived newsletters, phone numbers, business cards, location maps, social media links, coupons, online resources and lots more. This handy new format loads onto any smartphone with just one click.

Get QR Codes with GetResponse

Generate a QR code for these popular code types:

  • URL: to redirect users to any web page, such as FB fanpage, promo offer, sign-up form, etc.
  • Phone number: for users to scan and call you with one click
  • SMS: to scan a predefined message, and send it back with just a click
  • Email address: to easily email an inquiry, request or contest submission from a mobile phones
  • Vcard: to add you to their phonebook instantly

Mobilize Email Marketing with QR Codes

Get tips on effective ways to integrate this new technology in you email marketing initiatives with our Help.

Learn more about the functionality of this exciting strategy:

  • How to reach mobile users with compact QR codes
  • How to use QR codes to integrate email marketing with other related channels
  • How to create effective QR code email campaigns and increase ROI
  • How to run multichannel campaigns involving email, web forms, banner ads, online contests, social media, etc.

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