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Multimedia Studio

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Email's not just text - give your newsletters new power with engaging and entertaining multimedia files.

Let the images and videos in your emails speak for you. With our Multimedia Studio everything - from uploading to storing and recording is as easy as a click - a new dimension of email marketing in your GetResponse account.

All inclusive multimedia center

You'll find all that you need to create breathtaking, content-rich
messages in one place - your GetResponse account:

  • Easily create audio and video files
  • Upload files from disk
  • Store all your multimedia resources in one place (up to 1GB)
  • Create your own images library
  • Use 1000+ images from the free iStockPhoto gallery
  • Generate QR codes

From here you'll add them to your messages with a single click.
Or you can share them via your social accounts and website.

New level of email marketing

Content marketing is no longer the song of the future. With GetResponse Multimedia Studio you can start today and stay ahead of your competition with innovative formats and messages - all it takes is a few images or a video.

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