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The all-new import tool to boost your email lists in 16 new ways.

Now you can grow your list by hundreds, automatically, in just a few seconds. With one click, you can import contacts directly to your email campaigns from 16 sources.

Upload from your disk

If you store your contact list on your disk or just exported the database from any other service or software, you can import all contacts directly to your GetResponse campaign. Grow your list with Single Opt-in imports.

Import from Mail clients

In business life you use your email client to communicate with your prospects, customers and partners. With GetResponse you can import them to your account with one click and autoresponder with them by stunning newsletters.

Import from other services

Add people you network with on LinkedIn to your newsletter campaign, or store their contact details in other services like Salesforce and Google Docs. They will want to be updated with the latest news from your business.

Start converting your contacts into customers today!

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