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Inbox Preview

Email validation to make your emails look
perfect in every inbox — desktop, webmail or smartphone.

Even a tiny HTML bug in your newsletter can ruin your campaign. That’s why you need to
inspect your emails before you hit “Send”
. But it can take forever to check your
messages by sending test emails to test addresses. And it can cost a small fortune to test
emails with online software, such as inspectors, checkers and verifiers.

Email Client Previews

Preview your newsletters with our free tool to make
sure it is tested against every major email client:
Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. We cover all
the most popular inboxes!

Mobile Previews

Inbox Preview provides mobile previews of your email
for iPhones, iPads and Android devices
to ensure a
perfect look for your email for all subscribers who read
your emails on mobile devices.

Instant Previews

As a built-in element of the email editor, Inbox
Preview is just one click away
, allowing you to
inspect your email in all major inboxes in an instant.
Now you can quickly tweak your newsletters to make
them look perfect at delivery time.

Your newsletters will look
stunning in all inbox clients!

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