Get your team – and your email campaigns – working smoothly and efficiently

Do you work for a number of clients? Have a marketing team working on different aspects of your email
campaigns? Are you collaborating with freelance designers and copywriters?

We make team collaboration easy, and help companies of all sizes seize
full control over their email marketing projects.

Multi-user access

Do you manage a team of collaborators, working remotely from different locations?

Give them quick access to your GetResponse account with their individual logins to easily manage and monitor your project workflow. You can add as many users as you wish, each with a unique set of permissions and access levels.

Broadcast control

Would you like to have the final say in your newsletter distribution?

With Team, the moderation process is automated. Authorization requests will be sent straight to decision-makers’ inboxes and only their click can publish an email, giving you certainty that no emails are sent without approval.

User role management

Want specific members to design and others to only verify the creatives?

Each user can be given a specific role that will best match their function and responsibilities inside a project. You can select from a number of predefined roles or create custom roles based on your needs, each with a unique set of permissions that will define their access level.


Can do everything: manage contact lists, send emails, or add new users.


Creates and updates templates, and manages multimedia, but cannot send.

Marketing Manager

Approves campaigns for delivery, then views and analyzes reports.

Custom Role

Create custom roles for users with specific access levels and permissions that match your team’s needs.

And best of all – when your needs grow, Team can grow with you.

Get full control over your team workflow.