GetResponse CRM


Collect, nurture, sell, repeat

GetResponse CRM gives deeper insights into your deals.
So you can see where they are and what they do – at every stage of your sales pipeline.

Close more deals with custom pipelines.

Create your own customized pipeline to view and organize your entire sales process.

Spot opportunities and oversee your sales process with deals and stages. Set them up to best reflect your business model and nurturing funnel.

Keep track of all your leads in one place.

Track every lead and every action from one place, so no deal falls through the cracks. Define a lead owner, closing date, and deal value. Easily sort and monitor your deals to spot the quickest wins at a glance. Then drag-and-drop them forward in the pipeline.

Stay up-to-date with your deals.

Add notes and comments to your deals to easily keep on top of your daily activities and smash your sales and marketing goals.

Be ready when they’re ready: use the CRM calendar to automatically plan touchpoints.

Stay in control of your sales and marketing.

Get a birds-eye view of every lead in the entire customer journey. Connect GetResponse CRM with your email marketing, automation and other platform features. All from one place.

Plan workflows around each deal’s stage, tags, score, and other criteria. And send newsletters when your deals reach certain stages.

Make your email list really work for you – across all products, in one platform. Connect the dots and run multichannel campaigns based on real-time data.

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