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Abandoned Cart



Every day, two thirds of online shoppers fall short of completing their online purchase.

That's too many potential customers lost, and far too much in unclaimed revenue.

Cart abandonment email campaigns could be exactly what you need to win back your lost revenue.

Shopping cart recovery

With GetResponse Marketing Automation you can easily engage with those who haven’t finished their online purchase. Reach out with targeted messages to cart abandoners.

Set any time frame to determine
when the cart is abandoned.

Run a sequence of emails within your Marketing Automation workflow to follow up with abandoners immediately.

Subtract scoring points from those
who don’t buy anything for a long time.

Assign tags to inactive shoppers or move
those contacts to a different retention campaign.

Choose from a variety of Conditions, Actions and Filters to increase the effectiveness of your retention campaigns.

How does it work?

GetResponse Marketing Automation starts timing once the first product is placed in the online shopping cart, and if it remains there after a specified time period, the cart is registered as abandoned. Use our API integration, or just copy and paste our JavaScript code to your website and start your first abandonment campaign today!

When using the cart abandon API integration you’ll be able to discern:

  • Shopping cart id

  • Subscriber id

  • Shop id

  • Cart URL

More than simply timing when someone hasn’t completed their purchase, you can use Marketing Automation features through API or JavaScript implementation to track visitors to specific URLs, confirm successful purchases, and establish if specific goals are being reached.

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Win back your cart abandoners
with GetResponse Marketing Automation.

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