Paid Ads

Get in front of new audiences and grow your business

Find new customers and build your email list with built-in paid ads.


Targeted paid ad campaigns for faster growth

  • Engage existing contacts

    Target subscribers with ads that are optimized with content you know they'll like.

  • Find and attract
    new audiences

    Locate people that have similar interests to your existing contacts.

  • Bring back landing page visitors

    Retarget people who left your page without converting with new, relevant ads.

  • Sell more
    of your stuff

    Run targeted ads that help you promote your products and services.

Get in front of people who will love what you do

Create, buy, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads right inside GetResponse.
Then track their performance and optimize as you go.

Use Facebook to build your list and retarget subscribers

Engage your existing network with relevant content and bring new audiences to your business.

  • Target lookalike audiences to generate new leads
  • Retarget your GetResponse Landing Page visitors
  • Access all campaign analytics in one dashboard
  • Pay only for the leads or clicks you bid for

Create a unique brand identity on Instagram

Share stunning photos that promote your products or offer. Encourage relationships with your brand that get your audience to buy and come back for more.


Win back your page visitors with precise retargeting

Connect your Facebook Pixel with GetResponse in just one click. Run retargeting ads to bring people back to your page.

  • Automatically install a Facebook Pixel on your GetResponse Landing Pages
  • Prepare dedicated offers based on specific page visits
  • Run retargeting ads that promote relevant, related offers

How to Design Facebook Ads

Looking for ways to leverage your landing pages
and funnels to bring you more sales?

In this article you will find the best tips and tricks on how to design your ads, find target audiences, retarget page visitors, and analyze your campaigns for better performance.

All of your online marketing channels — under one roof

  • Fill your funnel
    with new leads

    Send traffic from your paid ads straight to your conversion funnels.

  • Start engaging after signup with emails

    Automatically follow up with your new subscribers with relevant email campaigns.

  • Promote your marketing webinars

    Promote webinars to get more registrants and increase attendance rates.

  • Direct traffic to your campaign landing pages

    Run targeted ad campaigns for specific landing pages that converts the traffic into leads.

Create thumb‑stopping social ad content

Promote your products and services on social media with the GetResponse Social Ads Creator.
With this free mobile app you can create stunning videos and banners in minutes.

Engage your followers
and get new social traffic

Cultivate a steady stream of engaging social media banners and animations.

  • Sign in with your GetResponse account
  • Import and feature product photos from Etsy
  • Use photos from a rich Unsplash library

Quickily and easily create social media content

Browse over 200 predesigned templates — each designed to help you achieve a specific goal.

  • Add your own custom content and photos
  • Browse the free Unsplash gallery
  • Share to multiple social platforms at once

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