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See how SunSol's marketing team uses GetResponse to automate communication with clients and run sales-generating campaigns.

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SunSol offers comprehensive solutions for installing solar systems, heat pumps, energy storages, and electric car batteries, both for households and companies. SunSol’s installations are present all over the world, including in Polish research facilities in the North and South Poles.

We compared a lot of platforms and arrived at a conclusion that GetResponse works best for us.

Dominik SzelkowskiDominik Szelkowski, Marketing Specialist in SunSol

When did you decide it was time to use GetResponse?

Last year the number of potential and realized clients reached tens of thousands of contacts. We needed a tool which would allow us to automate communication with clients and allow us to carry out tasks that would have to otherwise be handled by an additional person.

We compared a lot of platforms and arrived at a conclusion that GetResponse works best for us. We were mainly interested in automation but what ultimately persuaded us were other features from GetResponse, such as webinars, Website Builder, or web push notifications. It is good to have many tools in one ecosystem and collect all data in one place.

How does GetResponse assist SunSol?

Thanks to GetResponse, we can communicate with our potential and current clients. We use landing pages, email marketing and automation on regular.

A few months ago, we ran an informative campaign to update our clients about the upcoming changes in solar energy legislation. At the same time, we offered solutions that would allow them to additionally benefit from these changes.

Email od SunSol
Email informing about the upcoming changes in solar energy legislation.

We finished the campaign with a satisfactory CTR result of 15.38%, which brought us 27 new customers.

Can GetResponse save me time and money?

Let’s consider the time and the cost needed to run certain marketing actions which can be converted into hourly rates 🙂

Let’s imagine a person who manages a group of 5,000 clients and wants to encourage them to buy some complementary products, i.e., to do upselling or cross-selling. Sending the same email to everybody manually would take weeks while it can be done in just a few hours through GetResponse.

With GetResponse, you can also personalize communication with people from your contact list so that people who regularly open our emails shall receive emails that keep their engagement up, while users with low engagement will be a part of the reactivation campaign which will automatically remove inactive contacts from the list. This way ensures that we pay only for communication services for people actively interested in our offer.

When did you first notice the return on investment in GetResponse?

Since the beginning, we’ve noticed that this tool immensely helps our communication with the clients. Shortly after the reactivation campaign, we were informed by our sales team about the number of clients who decided to contact us regarding solutions and purchase.  In our case, even one customer can provide the return on investment in the tool.

What tools do you use?

We use a number of tools, including:

  • a dedicated CRM platform
  • graphic design tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, SearchConsole

Personally, I used Google Ads and Google Analytics most often. I check where do our clients come from and what content they find most engaging.

How does GetResponse compare to other tools?

UX and UI are well-designed and cool. The tool is very complex and has a lot of features, but it is very easy to use.

We are aware that the best solution in the long run is an integrated ecosystem of tools which collects data and stores it in one place.

Would you recommend GetResponse?

I’d give it 9 points on the NPS scale 🙂 It is a solution that makes life easier in many aspects. It helps save time and scale marketing actions.

Tools used to get results

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Landing Pages – Take advantage of a vast catalog of over 200 fully-customized landing page templates with intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can SEO optimize the page and analyze its performance. Run A/B tests on multiple versions of the same page to know what works.

  • Marketing Automation – Bring your ideal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation builder that grows with your needs. Schedule automated responses, emails, and reminders.

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