Automation flows that produce almost immediate profits

See how Responde Aí by Driven uses automation to improve online marketing performance and increase sales.

Responde Aí by Driven is the largest online learning platform in Brazil, with more than two million students of engineering and exact sciences, which helps them study better and faster with direct, and easy-to-understand content.

Which GetResponse tools do you use?

  • Automation:

In a matter of a few minutes we created an automation for triggering emails to contacts who visited our sales page and did not make a subscription. And in a few days, this brought us a financial return of a few thousand reais (BRL).

“Automation is very useful not only for triggering marketing messages, but also for shortening the process of sending emails. Otherwise, we would have to do everything manually.”

We work as a subscription model. We have monthly, semiannual, and annual plans. As an example, when a student subscribes to a monthly plan, after some time, we schedule email triggers that encourage them to upgrade to a better plan.”

Automation also plays a very important role for us for list hygiene, and contact scoring system. We use the scoring system as one of the ways to measure the engagement of our contacts. “

We use tagging and segmentation for sending messages with specific content, as summary of subjects, according to the target audience. This helps with the good level of email open rates and link clicks in the messages.”

Automation workflow
Automation workflow by Responde Aí by Driven
  • Landing Pages:

Besides the simplicity of using the landing page editor, one of its biggest advantages is the possibility to create variants of the same page. This way we can evaluate which variant performed better and quickly choose which one to use.”

Landing page A/B test
Landing page A/B test by Responde Aí by Driven
  • Email Marketing:

The mail creator is very intuitive, and we can use it very easily. One of the functions we use the most is scheduling newsletters for certain segments. This is extremely useful and helps us save time.”

Thiago Osório – Performance Lead at Responde Aí by Driven
Scheduling newsletters for some segments
Scheduling newsletters for some segments by Responde Aí by Driven

What else makes the difference in using your GetResponse account?

We also measure the effectiveness of email campaigns through sending statistics. They show us very easily how many messages were delivered, opened, bounced and rejected. These metrics are fantastic because they greatly shorten the analysis process. Everything is very detailed, and based on this, we don’t need to use other tools.

Another important detail is that it only takes a few minutes to upload a contact list to GetResponse. While at the competitor we worked with before, the same process took hours.”

Are you satisfied with GetResponse?

Our overall satisfaction with GetResponse is great, mainly because of the ease of use of the platform, which is very user-friendly and intuitive. The technical support we receive from our Customer Experience Manager is also very good.”

Thiago Osório – Performance Lead at Responde Aí by Driven

It is extremely gratifying to be able to help in the growth of Responde Aí by Driven. Their work, focused on education, brings knowledge to millions of Brazilians and other Portuguese speakers, inspiring us to develop more and more tools in the platform to facilitate their communication with their students.”

Darine Nunes – Senior Customer Experience Manager at GetResponse

Tools used to get results

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Landing Pages – Take advantage of a vast catalog of over 200 fully-customized landing page templates with intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can SEO optimize the page and analyze its performance. Run A/B tests on multiple versions of the same page to know what works.

  • Marketing Automation – Bring your ideal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation builder that grows with your needs. Schedule automated responses, emails, and reminders.

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