Increased sales with automation that retrieves abandoned shopping carts  

Some customers of online stores do not finish shopping. According to 2022 statistics, up to 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. To deal with this challenge, iParts used tools for the ecommerce industry from GetResponse MAX. Read how they managed to win back customers and increase sales.


of recipients opened an abandoned cart email


of recipients of abandoned cart emails made a purchase

iParts is an online store that specializes in selling auto parts. It is one of the largest and most popular ecommerce companies. The parts online store offers products for drivers, from spare parts, oils, and tires to accessories for electric cars. 


There are more than 4 million products available in the iParts online store. The store has more than one million page views per month and a large customer base that has agreed to receive communications. 

The challenge is:

  • increasing customer engagement;
  • creating more advanced segmentations and effective automation workflows;
  • increasing conversion and sales performance by re-engaging customers who did not complete the transaction and abandoned their shopping carts. 


To meet the challenges, the client needed an email marketing and marketing automation platform that was not only tailored to the needs of a large online store, but also could create an automation cycle for abandoned cart messages.

The client used the following GetResponse MAX tools:

  • extensive automation;
  • base segmentation based on abandoned cart data; 
  • segmentation of the base based on user actions.  

What actions does the client take with these tools? Here are some examples. 

The client is actively using the automation cycle, which is a combination of different conditions, actions, and filters that allow for detailed planning of communication with users. 

The automation cycle created by the client includes messages sent automatically based on a specific event. For example, a user who received a message, but did not open it, is assigned to a dedicated segment.

Notably, the client uses segments created automatically, which means that it does not have to spend time manually grouping contacts, because segments are created in an automated way in real time. 

The client also uses automated sequences. After a certain amount of time, depending on what actions users took after receiving the abandoned cart message, further emails are sent, and in the meantime, processes related to tag assignment and contact segmentation take place. Thanks to this, the client sends personalized messages, increasing the chances of higher conversions and sales.


  • With the proposed tools, the client is actively pursuing a strategy to retrieve abandoned shopping carts and increase conversions and sales.
  • In one of the “abandoned shopping cart” campaigns, the client obtained the following results: 30% of recipients opened the message, and as many as 20% made a purchase (results for March 2022-August 2023).
  • In another campaign targeting clients abandoning carts, the open rate was 23% 
  • With the proposed tools, the client has gained the ability to create advanced automation and base segmentation and tagging. They can easily create complex email marketing and marketing automation campaigns to quickly and accurately reach customers with personalized messages.
  • With GetResponse MAX’s deliverability rate of more than 99%, the client can be sure that the messages would reach users’ inboxes. 
  • The client has dedicated GetResponse MAX experts who support technical issues when working with the tool. 

Tools used to get results

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • Marketing Automation – Bring your ideal customer journey to life with a visual marketing automation builder that grows with your needs. Schedule automated responses, emails, and reminders.

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