Webinar Recording: Boost Your Email Results with Social Sharing
by Karolina Kurcwald last updated on 0

Webinar Recording: Boost Your Email Results with Social Sharing

Another successful GetResponse webinar completed – thanks to everyone who attended! Myself and Jim Ducharme talked about the power of email and social combined and if you haven’t been able to join us or want to replay the webinar, here’s – a bit later than usual – the webinar recording.

Email and social media are not rivals, although many people still tend to think that. Instead, they can work together as valuable parts of your marketing mix to bring great results. Last Tuesday we showed you some effective ways in which you can use them to build your list and expand the reach of your newsletters. And today, we’re bringing you the recording.

In the video, you’ll find out, among other things:

  • why you should share your emails on social media and how to make the share icons effective (with GetResponse it’s really easy to add them to your newsletters and then track how they’re doing)
  • how you can encourage people to follow your social sites
  • how to easily place a sign up form on Facebook
  • which social sites are more effective for your business, why is it a good idea to give Pinterest a go and why “test” is the keyword to your success

… and also, what makes “it depends” a very valid phrase in social media. 😉

Enjoy watching and let me know if you have any questions at all – I’ll be glad to help! And in the meantime, I’ll get down to writing a new post inspired by the chat questions. 😉

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