Effective Strategies to Promote Your Podcasts with Social Media & Search

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A podcast is a set of digital audio files that are available for download. Users can subscribe to podcasts and receive them as soon as they get uploaded. The popularity of podcasts has multiplied at an overwhelming pace over the past few years. They are becoming increasingly popular, and the average number of podcast subscribers is greater than ever.

A podcast is a dynamic, powerful and an effective marketing tool for businesses. They leverage podcasts for a number of uses. Podcasts can be benefitted by business to establish their authoritative presence in the industry.

Business can use podcasts to engage with their customers, increase brand awareness around their business, develop stronger bonds with the audience and enrich brand loyalty.

The size of the audience you can engage, influence and mobilize through podcasts directly depends on how well you promote your podcasts.

Promotion through social media

Social media is a great means of communication. Here are some strategies to promote your podcasts with social media.

Maximize audience

Social media holds quite a diverse audience, from all over the world. The real deal is to influence and mobilize the maximum possible audience through your social media presence and then promote your podcasts before them.

Facebook and Instagram are the two ideal platforms for execution of such strategies. You can influence and engage a lot of audiences to promote your podcasts in an effective manner.

In Facebook’s case, you can either opt for organic growth and attract readers through your content, or leverage third-party tools to maximize your followers.

Instagram is quite the rage these days, and you can effectively promote your podcasts here. Instagram offers the highest rate of engagement amongst its alternatives, which means that it is perhaps the best platform to communicate with your audience and influence them to promote your podcasts. You’ll need a large Instagram community to promote your podcasts in an effective manner. There are quite a lot of methods and strategies that you can try and implement to gain real followers on Instagram and influence the maximum audience possible.

Promote your podcasts efficiently

Obviously, you can promote your podcasts on social media by uploading Facebook/Instagram posts, but there are some things that you need to get right, to extract the maximum results.

Initially, you must post at the optimum time. Getting your timing right is quite important on social networking platforms as it can have a massive impact on the reach of your posts. You can acquire services from online marketing tools to calculate the ideal times to upload and maximize reach and engagement on the respective posts.

In order to ensure that your post reaches to the maximum possible audience, you can pin the post on your Facebook page. In the case of Instagram, you can upload the promotional post as your Instagram story.

If you can afford paid advertising, what is better than leveraging Facebook ads and Instagram adverts to promote your podcast through social media? These paid means of advertising are extremely effective as you can select your targeted audience and promote your podcasts before them.

Creating hype on your social media pages/accounts before the release of a new podcast is another brilliant idea. You can upload posts a day or two before the release of your podcast. Not only will it create hype around its release, but will serve as a reminder for a lot of users who’re already interested in your podcasts.

Promotion with search engines

A lot of traffic can be driven towards podcasts using search engines (know as search engine optimization, or SEO). It is essential to ensure that your podcasts are search engines friendly, to drive greater traffic towards your podcasts. There are many Google SEO ranking factors to consider if you want to rank your podcasts in search engines. While this statement may seem a bit vague, here are some methods to promote your podcasts with search engines, which will provide you with a better understanding of this section.


Yes, podcasts are entirely audio based, but titles aren’t and here’s when SEO applies to podcasts. By optimizing your podcast titles, you can make them search engine friendly and attract a lot of traffic. Your titles must be engaging, interesting and must be based on keywords, in order to ensure maximum results.

Include a transcript

Including a transcript with your podcasts is the best method to get higher search rankings. A transcript provides the maximum information of what the podcast states, to the search engine and as a result, the search engine is more likely to rank you higher in the search.

Avoid useless keyword stuffing

In a pursuit to stuff in the maximum number of keywords, you may end up ruining the whole written content. You should never go overboard with keywords as high-quality content must be privileged instead of a heap of keywords.

Establish and maintain a blog

A blog is quite useful for good SEO results. Blog posts can get ranked higher in the search results due to many reasons.

Initially, if a blog is associated with your podcasts, it acts as an additional authenticity certificate before the search engine.

Another major reason is that blogging can help you establish healthy links with renowned and reliable ratings websites. It would result in getting your podcasts ranked higher up the search rankings.

Moreover, the images you add to your blogs will also help you promote podcasts through social media. Upon adding images in your blogs, you should carefully craft the alt-text of the images around keywords, and it will make it easier for search engines to locate you.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, what are you waiting for? You must create a WordPress blog and try to extract the most benefit out of it for the search engine optimization of your podcasts.

With an effective podcast SEO, you can get your podcasts listed high in the search rankings. This will make it easier for you to promote your podcasts and attract an audience through search engines.

In conclusion

Podcasts are a great way to build awareness and authority in your niche – if you can get people to listen to the podcasts. Using promotional channels like social media and optimizing your podcast for search engines are surely ways to get some eyes and ears on your efforts.

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