99% email deliverability*

* Scored independently by a third-party company, Return Path.

Your emails are in the right hands with GetResponse. Here's why: 

Permission Is Key

At GetResponse, we believe strongly in permission-based email marketing. We know that a "spam-free zone" is a crucial ingredient
in achieving top email deliverability. At GetResponse we have created more than just an anti-spam policy. What we proudly live
by is the anti-spam culture.

Nurturing ISP Relationships

We work hard to make sure your emails get through to your customers' inboxes. Since 1998 GetResponse has nurtured close relationship with all major ISPs. Our deliverability experts work around the clock to ensure successful deliveries.

World-class Email Delivery

We know that email deliverability is a moving target. That's why we've teamed up with the industry leaders like Return Path, Litmus, Port 25,
SpamHaus and SpamAssassin to lock in the best in email delivery technology. We do all this to make sure you get the best possible deliverability.

Industry Proactivity

GetResponse is a reputable member of all major email industry organizations, such as MAAWG, EEC, OTA, ESPC and SuretyMail. We actively participate in formulating email best practices and standards, while our customers benefit from better delivery rates.

Automatic List Hygiene

Keeping your list clean is the key to maintaining top deliverability and top email results. That's why we instantly processes all opt-out requests and bounces for you. This improves your reputation as a sender, ensures your CAN-SPAM compliance and increases your inbox placement rates.

Feedback loops and whitelists

GetResponse participates in all major ISP feedback loops.
We will instantly remove the subscribers who marked your
email as spam. GetResponse is whitelisted by all major ISPs
and our emails receive priority handling.

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