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March 2018


YesInsights – One-Click Feedback Surveys

YesInsights ensures you get your most important question answered by making surveys so easy they can be completed with a single click.

Tap into the general pulse of your customers’ minds with our customizable one-click and NPS surveys that organically embed into your GetResponse emails. With these valuable insights, it becomes easy to make the right adjustments to improve and grow your business.

Unhappy customers rarely raise their complaints with a business. Instead, they tell their circle of influence about their bad experience which turns potential customers away.

By using YesInsights to reach out to your customers in an unobtrusive way, you give yourself a chance to fix the issue before they run to their friends.

How It Works

First, you need to pick which type of survey you will be making. Since you’re a GetResponder, we’ll make an “Email One-Click Survey”. Click “Email Survey” then “One-Click Survey” when prompted.

Next, fill in your question as well as the possible multiple choice answers. Then scroll down and click “Create Survey”.

Now your survey is ready to embed in your email.

Select GetResponse from the drop-down menu. The GetResponse survey snippet will pop up. Click on the snippet to copy it to your clipboard, and then add it to your emails.

YesInsights will send those that respond to an optional follow-up page where your they can leave additional comments.

All the responses and comments are tracked in real-time, and results can be viewed in an easy to understand dashboard.

How We’re Different

Most survey solutions don’t take the user experience in mind. They want respondents to go to an external web-page to answer an overwhelming list of questions. This backfires in a couple ways.

First, there is friction at each step. Responders have to leave their inbox, start the survey, answer all the questions, then add their information at the end. This can intimidate most people, meaning they probably won’t complete your survey at all.

Second, when you ask many questions in a survey it is difficult to follow up on specific problems. This leads people to believe that filling out your survey will have no benefit to them when it should, making them less likely to answer another survey again.

By putting user experience first, our unique spin on surveys collects the high-quality feedback you need to steer your business in the right direction.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for your free trial at YesInsights.
  2. Create and send your first survey with GetResponse. Need more help? Click here.
  3. Act upon the data!
  4. Rinse and repeat
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