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March 2018


Retently helps you efficiently measure customer satisfaction, collect valuable client feedback that you can act on, prevent customer churn and turn detractors into promoters.

What do you get?

A professional Net Promoter Score tracking service, fully customizable and adjustable to your business needs. Retently is a all-in-one platform that gives you the possibility to survey your customers, collect feedback, close the feedback loop and automate all NPS processes. Our service will delivers a perfect set of features, perfectly adjusted for startups, small businesses and enterprise companies. Retently also offers a 14-days free trial to give you the possibility to get familiar with the service.

Why should you consider increasing customer satisfaction?

Because your business growth is directly related your your customers’ satisfaction level. Working towards improving your customers’ satisfaction will increase their retention rate and will also help you adjust and improve your product to market’s needs. Satisfied customers will also become your brand advocates and will help you constantly acquire new customers.

What does your most popular subscription include?

  • 1000 monthly surveys
  • Full Survey Customization
  • Conversations feature
  • Data Segmentation
  • Email and Slack notifications
  • Survey automation
  • Top platforms integrations
  • Data export
  • Retently API
  • Multi-Users

Connect GetResponse with Retently in a few easy steps?

  1. Go to settings and click on Integrations and select GetResponse Integration from the the list.
  2. Log in to your GetResponse account and authorize Retently by clicking “Yes”
  3. After successful connecting to your GetResponse account, you will see your customers lists. Choose one or more lists and click on the Sync button to import them to Retently.
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