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March 2018


QuickEmailVerification made it easy to identify and eliminate unreachable & risky email addresses from campaign list before launch of email campaigns.

What do you get?

From the thousands of email addresses on your mailing lists, you’d want to verify which ones are valid and which ones aren’t. We, at QuickEmailVerification, do that. And more. We will filter out invalid emails and will save your campaign cost.

Why should you consider checking the validity of emails?

Validating email address prevents bounces and protects your sender reputation. If the number of bounced emails grows to be a large number, your sender reputation goes down and your emails stop getting into INBOX. Your ROI will be hurt and even you get blocked.

Validating emails (and this is quick, easy and also real-time) gives you total control. Your campaign will come closer to achieving its overall objective without getting dirty.

What all’s included here?

With QuickEmailVerification you get:

  • Accurate email verification
  • Self-Service list cleaning
  • GetResponse Integration
  • Real-Time API integration
  • Free 100 verification daily
  • Detailed reporting on list quality

OK, so how does it work?

You can either upload email list from your computer on QuickEmailVerification or just connect your GetResponse account to import your contact list directly. We at QuickEmailVerfication will do the rest: using our powerful tool, we will separate out the invalid addresses.

  1. To get started with integration, select “Upload Email List” => “Import from GetResponse” in your QuickEmailVerification account.
  2. After successful connection to your GetResponse account, you will get list of campaigns. Select the campaign which you’d want to import for email list cleaning.
  3. Depending on size of your contact list, it may take a while to import the contacts of your campaign. Once imported, your email list will be ready for verification. Start email verification with single click and That’s it! You will get email once your list is processed.
  4. After verification, you can either remove invalid and risky emails from your GetResponse campaign list or simply download verification reports in CSV format! You’re good to go!
  5. Dashboard will represent your verification activity.

To start with a free plan, just check out So go ahead and join the over 30,000 businesses that use QuickEmailVerification!

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