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Why it’s so important to have a website for your nonprofit

Long gone are the days where TV telethons and mass mailers were the ultimate source of outreach for nonprofits. Now, with the power of the internet and mass email, your nonprofit can reach audiences worldwide with only a fraction of the effort. But that’s only if you invest some time in developing a professional email marketing system and website for your nonprofit.

And through GetResponse, that process is made much easier than ever before. With our simple website builder, you can utilize AI technology and a simple drag-and-drop interface to construct your site in minutes–leaving you more time to get back to fighting the good fight.

Maximize your fundraising with your nonprofit website

Build your online presence

Reach out to limitless pool of potential donors and supporters online

Grow your contact list

Use integrated contact forms to develop your email list

Establish your values and principles

Get people behind your cause by creating a motivating About Us page.

Communicate directly with donors and site visitors

Utilize GetResponse Live Chat to maintain real-time communication with your visitors.

Extend your outreach globally

There are too many not-for-profit groups that are very limited in terms of outreach. Their area of impact may only be within their immediate communities. But that doesn’t have to be.

With a dedicated website for your NGO, you can extend your reach well beyond the borders of your community and grab much-needed attention on a global scale. And while this seems like a ton of work, GetResponse’s Website Builder uses AI-driven website creation. This means you can spend less time crafting a website and more time with the causes that need you most.

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engage your donors with a website

Effectively Engage with New and Existing Donors

If somebody is going to donate to help further your cause, you need to make it clear why they should do so. Two of the best ways of doing this is through frequent newsletters and your website. Each can showcase exactly how you’ve been using their donations and what your organization has done to make a difference.

With GetResponse’s Website Builder, it’s super simple to update your website with the most up-to-date information. And by integrating your website with our all-in-one marketing platform, you can have newsletters automatically sent to your entire email list (or segments) with just a few clicks.

Increase your brand awareness and image

One way of ensuring that your cause gets the attention it deserves is by building out your organization’s image and brand awareness. And there’s no better way of doing so than with a combination of your website and social media.

Through the GetResponse website builder, you can add social buttons to connect your social media accounts to your website. This can help your organization to gain steam to charge ahead and promote your cause.

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Encourage committed recurring donations

Nonprofit organizations are seldom continued through one-time donors. It’s the long-term energy given by dedicated philanthropists and donors that keep NGOs afloat.

But how can you increase the amount of long-term donors?

Your nonprofit website is a great way to start. Through your website, you can develop and show case studies and stories of those you’ve helped to encourage recurring donations.

How to build your nonprofit website in 5 easy steps

  1. Login to your GetResponse account and select the Website Builder tab.
  2. Choose to custom create your website, opt for our AI creation wizard, or even import your website design.
  3. Personalize your nonprofit website with everything that aligns with your organization’s brand and mission statement.
  4. Host your website on your own external domain or elect for easy hosting by GetResponse.
  5. Integrate your nonprofit website with all the additional features that GetResponse has to offer such as email marketing, autoresponders, and more!

You can build a page like this in
less than 10 seconds

GetResponse Website Builder uses an advanced AI to create a website for you.

See for youself now, how easy it is to build the entire web service, by feeding the AI with some basic information.

See for youself!

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Apply for your nonprofit discount now

We understand just how important charitable works are and how much impact a strong far-reaching organization can have. However, our GetResponse Free Plan might not be enough for the major outreach your organization has planned.

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Techsoup–a company dedicated to helping not for profit groups and NGOs thrive through technological means. We’re offering up to a 50% discount for GetResponse’s premium all-in-one marketing platform which includes our website builder, email marketing management system, autoresponders, webinar capabilities, and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions for nonprofit website builders

What’s the best website builder for a nonprofit organization?

The best website builder for your nonprofit is one that allows you to properly demonstrate your values and mission without taking away too much time from fundraising and campaign awareness.

With our easy nonprofit website builder, you can simply drag and drop elements into place for the best layout for you. Plus, it’s so simple to use that you don’t need any design experience at all.

What’s the best hosting option for your nonprofit website?

Finding the best hosting option for your nonprofit domain can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve made it super simple for you.

You can choose between putting your website on your pre-selected domain or get your website professionally hosted through GetResponse.

Is coding experience required to build a professional nonprofit website?

No. You don’t need to be a computer whiz or expert coder to build your nonprofit website. With GetResponse’s AI-driven Website Builder, you can have a professional-looking website constructed in just minutes.

We provide many different pre-made non-profit website templates that anybody can use to create a website from scratch. However, advanced users are more than welcome to create a custom layout without the use of website builder templates.

How can I get started building my NGO website for free?

Simple! Just sign up for a GetResponse account to access to our state-of-the-art website builder. And our free account doesn’t just come with a website builder either! In fact, you’ll be given the opportunity to send unlimited newsletter to up to 500 unique contacts and much more.