Gained 1200 new contacts in a month with an ebook campaign.

1200 new contacts
in one month

1,31 PLN acquisition cost
per contact

InfoShare Academy offers intensive programming courses for beginners who want to start working in IT.

Courses and training


  • Building a contact list on Facebook
  • Personalized communication based on user behavior
  • Increased sales


  • Lead magnet

  • Website popup

  • Facebook lead ads

Solution: Lead generation campaigns using
"The 125 coding terms for beginners" ebook

We're one of the few companies in our niche doing content marketing. We use our newsletter to nurture the leads who consider taking up a programming course, providing valuable information on a regular basis."

Jakub Kłos,
Digital Marketing Team Leader

We want to reach people who only just started thinking about learning to code. We want to educate them.
Our competitive advantage is the quality of our courses, confirmed by our alumni. The quality of the content we offer reflects this."

Sylwia Tokarska,
Digital Marketing Specialist

What makes the difference?

Effective lead magnet

We wanted to achieve two goals with this ebook:

  1. Reassure those who think learning to code is too difficult for them and help them learn IT jargon.
  2. Create content for future course participants, helping them prepare for classes."
Jakub Kłos,
Digital Marketing Team Leader

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