Using Website Builder to promote a jazz clarinet workshop

See how Tomasz Klepczynski of the Muzykon Music Studio independently created a website for a jazz clarinet workshop using Website Builder.

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Cost of Website Builder as a part of GetResponse Free plan

2-3 hours

Time required to prepare a website from scratch

Muzykon is a music studio that offers music lessons, workshops, and concerts, as well as rehearsal rooms and a recording studio with professional music directors.

How did GetResponse Website Builder help promote the workshop?

The Website Builder helped me prepare a page for workshop promotion. I can change it at any time, add new elements or reuse it as a template for another page.

Tomasz Klepczyński photoTomasz Klepczyński, Muzykon music studio

The possibility to create dedicated pages for events, such as concerts, workshops, etc. is crucial for me. It is a way to promote them effectively. There are a billion events on Facebook but a proper page is a game changer. A Promo campaign that incorporates a website is seen as more professional by the audience because they can see that money has been invested in organizing the event.

Strona internetowa warsztatów klarnetu jazzowego Muzykon
Website of the Muzykon jazz clarinet workshop

How long does it take to create a website?

Once you familiarize yourself with the UI and have graphics and content ready, preparing a website with basic info should take between 2 to 3 hours.

What helps in creating a website?

Take a look at a few other websites and prepare a plan for your own based on what you liked in others. When you know what you want, it’ll be easier for you to utilize the power of Website Builder.

Teaming up with a graphic designer can be very helpful. You need proper expertise and skills to create a decent graphic. We ordered a visual identification project for the studio which helps us create cohesive marketing assets.

Time planned for building a website, some patience, and good coffee 🙂

What tips would you give to people who are about to prepare a website?

Creating your first website may take a while since you need to familiarize yourself with the UI. Time is every entrepreneur’s most precious asset, so it is best to think through and prepare the content before you start building your website.

Even a basic idea will be enough to prepare a page with predesigned templates. I knew exactly what I wanted so I chose a blank template.

Is it better to create an event on Facebook or a dedicated landing page?

I think you have to use different channels to reach the largest possible audience. It’s good to prepare a dedicated landing page and use Facebook, Google, as well as local portals (such as for Tricity area) to promote the event.

A proper website increases credibility. People interested in attending will google the name of the workshop and once they find a website, they are assured that it is not a scam, and their money is safe.

We promoted our workshops in hobby groups on Facebook. Ads in private groups are the most effective and the best form of advertising are referrals from the attendees of prior events.

What’s the best way to promote the event?

  • Choose the date of the event carefully.
  • Inform the audience about the event in advance.
  • Promote your event in as many places as possible.

Tools used to get results

  • Website builder – Create a unique online presence with an AI-driven, code-free website builder. Describe your business and visual preferences to get personalized website templates or create your custom design from scratch.

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