75% of all public sales from autoresponders

Discover how a visionary small business uses the power of segmentation to inspire individuals worldwide and drive sales

Living from Vision® helps people achieve their goals by offering a variety of
courses, apps, books and devices that take a holistic approach to personal
, productivity, as well as health supportive devices.


In the world of spiritual and personal development, Living from Vision® had a
tough time standing out in an increasingly crowded market, despite its
unique approach.

They faced the challenge of effectively communicating with their highly
diverse global audience
in an easy and time efficient way.

As a small business, they searched for an all-encompassing solution – and that’s
when they found GetResponse.


So, what changed?

– Their email list has expanded from a few thousand to 10,000
subscribers since 2015

– GetResponse optimization tools are driving about 75% of all public sales, resulting in a significant revenue increase;

– Thanks to segmentation, Living from Vision® can effectively
communicate in different languages and caters to diverse global

– Autoresponders, newsletters, and automated sequences save time while
nurturing their audience, securing continuous sales, and building
stronger brand loyalty.

Having a product that is needed is vital—but then you need a convincing sales funnel which then guides the potential customers from their discovery to their purchase. That is what we have done with our autoresponders, effectively and reliably increasing our sales, and saving money by automation. Together with GetResponse, we have been able to convince customers of the need, culminating in compelling sales. This is, as we all know, that strategic approach and cornerstone of successful business. We all need sales funnels and autoresponders now more than ever.

Ilona Selke, the Co-Founder of Living from Vision

English and German Welcome Autoresponder – Sent to new subscribers based on

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

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