Managing Multiple Businesses
in One Platform

GetResponse is packaged with multiple things I can do – forms, surveys, webinars, automation of campaigns!"

Craig Colley,
Ecommerce Business Owner, Marketing Consultant

One solution for all my businesses

Craig Colley is an entrepreneur who owns retail stores that specialize in photo, media, and entertainment services. On top of this, he’s a marketing consultant, with clients who employ him for his digital marketing expertise.

I recommend GetResponse. I’ve used it, and I’ve successfully used it for multiple businesses. It does work. The customer support is very good and the product line is vast, as far as what you can do with it.

Craig Colley

Craig has found that each of his businesses benefited greatly because of GetResponse.

I’ve used the platform for several different reasons and different businesses, simultaneously. It’s nice because I could create lists that were separate to each one of the entities, and then I could separate and build segments as I went along.

Craig Colley

He needed a platform that offered a vast variety of tools to meet his extensive targets for various industries. 

The complete marketing solution 

You offer multiple things under one software, a canopy so-to-speak, or umbrella, that it’s kind of an all-in-one process.

Craig Colley

To meet his diverse marketing needs, he uses features such as email marketing, list building, data collection and analytics, automation, webinars, landing pages, conversion funnels, paid ads, and more.

He uses GetResponse for effective email marketing. He can choose from a library of professionally designed, preexisting email templates to make his emails engaging and exciting. The scheduling tools allow him to preset the date and time he wants to send the emails to his audience. This not only saves Craig’s time but also ensures he stays consistent and relevant to his audience.

With the automation feature, he can easily sequence resends, follow-up emails, and automated responses.

One of my best examples is that I’ve done a comparison of sending an email out to a group, and then the nonresponses get an email again. The nonresponders from that group then get another email, and the fourth time, over a two-week period of time, I found that by doing that I will have another 30% opens!

Craig Colley

Since Craig owns several different businesses, whose customers are unlikely to overlap, he appreciates GetResponse’s list management tools. List building allows him to collect and save customer data into separate lists. Segmenting customer data into different lists ensures that the information he sends out goes only to those it is relevant to. claims that this has resulted in a higher conversion to sales and more business growth.

Extensive, impressive features

Craig’s most-used feature are the forms. He creates a campaign via email, social media, or website activity to drive his customers to a landing page that leads them to a form. He exchanges information of value to them for their email address. He likes to edit and customize templates. He can save, copy, or edit his custom creations for future use.

I probably use the forms more than anything, to drive leads from things that I send out. … Even if it’s just collecting an email for a free pdf, I can capture the data that then goes into a pre-created segmented list.

Craig Colley

GetResponse has a user-friendly interface, with tools that are simple to learn and use. Features like landing pages with lead magnets and forms are easy to set up. Moreover, customer support is quick and helpful in assisting with any kind of query or problem.

The customer support has always been very good and very fast. And it’s nice that all the chats are saved so I can go back and reference [them]. I can just go back to my chats notes and it’ll [answers to questions] be there and links to answers and so on.

Craig Colley

Tools used to get results

  • Autoresponders – Introduce, follow-up, communicate and connect with your audience automatically. Setting up prescheduled and sequenced emails on a particular time saves time and energy, and results in high open rates.

  • Email Marketing – Customize ready-to-go newsletters, and transactional emails from a library of predesigned professional templates to match your goals. Take advantage of a/b testing and email analytics to constantly improve your results.

  • List Building – Use landing pages or forms featuring lead magnets to collect customers information. You can save and divide customer data into separate lists for updates, promotions, and other business uses.

  • Signup Forms – Use pre-made templates or create your own forms to collect customer data. Turn data into personalized experiences. You can integrate them with other platforms like Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Benefits for customers

  • Complete online marketing solution

    A multifunction solution that seamlessly combines several tools in one platform to save you time and achieve your goals.

  • Consistency

    Using complete set of marketing tools guarantees consistency. Emails that are scheduled are also sent at the predetermined date and time such as a registration time, deadline, or event.

  • Convert to sales

    Send targeted emails thanks to effective segmenting and personalization. Utilize landing pages with lead magnets and sales funnels to stay relevant and engage your audience.

  • TIme-saving

    Spend valuable time and resources on core aspects of your business by automating emails, campaigns and simplifying online marketing.

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