Implix Announces a New Member to Board of Directors

Strategic Appointments Bring Critical Expertise to Implix Key Growth Areas

Implix, an email marketing leader and online solution provider to global SOHO/SMB markets, today announced the appointment of Ola Kudzin to its board of directors. Implix customer service development director respectively brings extensive knowledge of the company, and broad experience in international business development and operations, affiliate program strategies, and customer service management, critical focus areas as Implix continues to expand into new product categories and market sectors.

Customer Service Development Director Ola Kudzin has held strategic positions at Implix since its inception in 1998. Kudzin was the architect of the Implix affiliate programs, which today generate almost 55 percent of sales revenues. She also led the development of customer support and training policies and procedures, and is still involved in daily oversight and improvement of the Implix customer experience. Kudzin’s deep understanding of SOHO/SMB and affiliate marketing challenges will help ensure that Implix strategies are both customer-focused and profitable.

CEO Simon Grabowski commented:

"I am extremely gratified to have that talented individual on our board and can’t wait to get to work! Implix is growing at 27 percent CARG, and planning to launch more new products into global SMB markets in the next several months. While it’s a very exciting time for us, we are mindful of the need for careful planning. Ola offers strategic and tactical experience, not just within our company and industry, but in our most critical growth areas. For example, few could have predicted the recent explosion in email marketing, or the social media revolution, or that almost three quarters of the U.S. population would be using email today. As this story unfolds, our board of directors will help us take a leadership role in the marketplace conversation − and in developing online tools that are affordable and effective for everyone."

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