GetResponse Debuts Powerful New Automation Solution

New beta offering brings easy-to-use marketing automation to organizations of any size; Company also launches 'Marketing Automation Hub' for in-depth strategy, knowledge and tips

July 26, 2016 - Wilmington, Del. - GetResponse, the easy-to-use yet advanced online marketing platform with more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries, today announced the beta release of "GetResponse Marketing Automation" - the company's first-ever marketing automation solution.

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes need to automate marketing functions to optimize results, increase sales, and generate more profit. Unfortunately, marketing automation technology has historically been too complicated and expensive for smaller organizations. GetResponse is changing that - combining the most popular automation features into a simple and scalable, drag-and-drop interface that can be learned in minutes. Even marketers who aren't tech savvy can use it to build sophisticated automated campaigns that listen and react to customer behavior, enhancing marketing and accelerating the customer journey.

"Despite its benefits, many marketers fear marketing automation, believing they have to change their business to fit the platform they adopt,"" said Simon Grabowski, GetResponse Founder and CEO. "This isn't an unwarranted fear, however, as most automation services are clunky, cumbersome and take months to integrate into a business. At GetResponse, we have solved for that complexity, designing our new solution to be both easy and advanced. With our interface, any marketer can create and launch a complex automated campaign with the use of visual workflows."

GetResponse Marketing Automation is flexible, easy-to-use, and scalable, growing with businesses, regardless of size, and helping marketers achieve their goals. The key features include:

  • Build automated campaigns using simple "if... then" logic - GetResponse Marketing Automation works on simple "if... then" logic. For example, if an email is opened, then the customer is sent a new offer the next day. Users can mix and match numerous conditions, actions and filters to build unique one-to-one communication models with their customer base. All elements can be tweaked and optimized as customer engagement and marketing communications evolve.
  • Tagging and scoring to build comprehensive audience profiles - GetResponse Marketing Automation enables users to design workflows that automatically score and tag customers based on their reactions to offers and content. Over time, the system creates revealing, data-rich profiles that marketers can use to evaluate customer engagement, prospect readiness to buy, and customer loyalty to the brand.
  • Visual workflows to view the entire communications path - Users can setup complex campaigns with an easy, drag-and-drop, visual workflow builder. Within a workflow, conditions trigger actions. Condition examples include: opening an email, clicking a link, making a purchase. Or a condition can be the failure to open an email, click a link, or buy within a specified period. Triggered action examples are: send an offer for a cross-sell product, add the subscriber to an autoresponder campaign, send the message again. Optionally, users can add filters to sharpen the targeting. Filter examples include: the first ten subscribers who open an email, click a link, or purchase a specified offer. With GetResponse Marketing Automation, every step of "if... then" logic in a workflow is clear, highly visual, and easy to understand.
  • Tools to track and respond to a customer's e-commerce journey - Users can follow the customer journey across any desired e-commerce site, tracking activity at three potential points of engagement. The user can set up triggering conditions for when a specific e-commerce page is visited, when a purchase is made, or when a shopping cart is abandoned. The record of these actions outlines key moments where purchase decisions are made, and builds on the enhanced customer profiles GetResponse enables.

"Our mission has always been to bring big-company technologies to organizations of every size, "added Grabowski. "Our new automation capabilities will support any SMB or SME marketer, helping them see the same benefits as larger organizations."

In conjunction with the beta launch of GetResponse Marketing Automation, GetResponse has also partnered with world-class experts in digital marketing strategy to build a unique and comprehensive knowledge resource called the "Marketing Automation Hub."

More than 60% of all marketers agree that implementing marketing automation is difficultsupi. Marketing Automation Hub by GetResponse is an exclusive educational project and a helpful guide to navigate the many different aspects of successful automation programs. Through it, top industry leaders and GetResponse experts share knowledge and educational materials on automation, covering onboarding, strategy development, execution, challenges, misconceptions, and more.

At launch, Hub partners and featured experts include:

  • Jason Falls
  • Jeff Bullas
  • Erik Qualman
  • Kath Pay
  • Dave Chaffey
  • Lon Safko
  • Ann Handley
  • Reno Van Boven
  • Michael Brenner
  • Jamie Turner
  • Dave Sutton

New content in the form of webinars, whitepapers, guides, videos and blog posts will be added to the Hub regularly. Visit the Marketing Automation Hub by GetResponse today

GetResponse Marketing Automation is available to all current and new GetResponse customers. For more information and to view the complete system, sign up for a GetResponse 30-day free trial, no credit card required.


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