New Infographic on Integration of Email Marketing and Social Media

GetResponse releases an interesting infographic titled “Email Marketing + Social Media: When 1+1 Equals More Than 2”

WILMINGTON, DE, January 11, 2012 – GetResponse, the leading email marketing provider for the SMB sector and flagship product of online solutions provider Implix , today released an infographic demonstrating the influence of social sharing options on email effectiveness .

The study analyzes social media sharing via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in more than 2,200 million emails sent by GetResponse customers. It compares the social sharing preferences of email marketers and graphically presents certain performance differences.

Social Sharing Preferences

“During our research, we wanted to document the current state of email and social media integration, as well as compare how preferences of email marketers have changed during the past year,” said Simon Grabowski, Founder of GetResponse and CEO of Implix. “In the process, we identified a rapidly growing segment of our customers - those who find value in integrating social media sharing options in email campaigns - and discovered that they are quite selective about the networks they integrate."

18.3% of email marketers provide social sharing icons in their email creatives.

Of that segment, 51.9% included only one social share icon, 40.6% included two, 7.4% included three, and 0.1% included four icons.

Of email marketers who included social sharing icons in their emails, 91.6% included a Facebook sharing link, 46.1% included Twitter and 8.5% included LinkedIn.

Effect on Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

The study indicates that recipients of marketing emails favor those that provide an easy way to share the information in their favorite social media channels.

The average click-through-rate (CTR) was 115% higher for emails that included any social link: 5.6% CTR for emails included social sharing icons, versus 2.6% CTR for those that do not.

The CTR for emails with a LinkedIn sharing link was 9.6%, Facebook 5.4% and Twitter 5.0%.

For every 1000 emails opened, 2.28 subscribers shared the message on Facebook, 0.71 on Twitter, 0.36 on LinkedIn.

Email marketers’ preferences change within a year

The major finding of the study is that the percentage of GetResponse users who include social share links increased by 40% since last year: 18.3% this year versus 13.5% last year. However, in view of the dramatically higher CTR performance (115% higher than those without sharing options) a total participation rate of 18.3% is still quite low.

In comparison to the 2010 results, the number of emails that include 1 or 2 social share buttons rose (5.7% increase for 1 icon, 7.4% for 2 icons) while fewer marketers include 3 social sharing icons (26% fewer than last year) or 4 social sharing icons (90% fewer than last year). This seems to indicate that Facebook and Twitter remain the top social networks.

“Our study makes it crystal clear that social sharing is a growing trend,” said Mr. Grabowski. “With 3.1 billion email users worldwide and over 1 billion social media users, messages can gain incredible viral and word-of-mouth power, thanks to social media integration.”

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