GetResponse Unveils Autoresponders 2.0 Email Marketing Automation

New feature revolutionizes automation possibilities for professional marketers and small businesses

Leading email marketing services provider, GetResponse today released an enhancement loaded with enough time-saving innovations to be worthy of the name Autoresponders 2.0. Now marketers can design powerful email sequences to be delivered in response to subscriber behavior — without constraints on length, frequency or complexity.


Autoresponders 2.0 replaces a system the GetResponse community calls “Follow-ups”. The new system includes two categories. TIME-BASED autoresponders — often known as “drip campaigns” — give marketers ultimate control over the timing of automatic message delivery. EVENT-BASED autoresponders can be customized with multiple responses to fit the needs and desires of subscribers. “We had to start with a clean slate and design a completely new experience,” said GetResponse Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski. “This is an easy way for small business marketers to automate their market, increase results and get new customers.”

Time–Based Autoresponders

When designing drip campaigns, marketers can now:

  • Create unlimited autoresponder messages per cycle
  • Create unlimited cycles
  • Schedule delivery of multiple messages on single days
  • Schedule messages for delivery immediately after sign-up or with delay
  • Specify number of hours to delay (1 to 23 hours) or specify an exact time by time zone
  • Specify day of week by eliminating certain days in the delivery cycle
  • Move subscribers to a specific delivery day

Event–Based Autoresponders

Email marketers can now mimic the logic of 1-to-1 email correspondence by designing emails triggered in response to user behavior, as in these examples:

  • Click Link: If subscriber clicks a specific link, the system sends a designated message. This can be set to deliver every time subscriber clicks the link or only the first time. Delivery timing can be customized with time settings as above.
  • Email Opened: If subscriber opens a specified message, the system sends a designated message, also with control over delivery schedule.
  • Custom Field Changed: If a custom field changes (subscriber city, for example) the system sends a designated message. For example, if City field changes from New York to Boston, a triggered message could invite subscriber to a local event or to join a community group.
  • Contact Subscribes: The typical scenario of campaign assignment upon subscribing has been expanded. Now marketers can let subscribers change from one campaign to another, for a self-service educational experience.
  • Goal reached: Marketers can set up goals for the system to monitor. For example, if a customer completes a sale and reaches a “thank you” page, the system can assign a new campaign. Typical actions include product purchase, file loading, event registration and account setup.
  • Birthday Message: Any special date (such as birthday or anniversary) can be set up to trigger a special message., personalized for the subscriber.
  • Another Autoresponder: If a subscribers receives a specified autoresponder message (due to an action they perform) the system sends another designated message. This enables users to automate their email marketing and sales processes

Used creatively, autoresponder cycles can replace or supplement transactional messages and automate cross-selling and up-selling. “To be successful online, SMBs need to build customer relationship with consistent, relevant and regular communications,” said GetResponse Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski. “With Autoresponders 2.0 marketers can use automation to maintain ongoing 1-to-1 communication effortlessly.” This enhancement is included with every service package. Follow link for GetResponse 30-Day Free Trial.

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GetResponse serves more than 350,000 active users from 182 countries, delivering more than 1 billion permission-based emails per month, with an average deliverability rate of 99.3 percent. Clients include GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott, Intercontinental, University of Arkansas, Carrefour, Men's Health Magazine, and thousands of fast-growing businesses and professional firms.

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