GetResponse Unveils 2017 ‘Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence Report’

Report highlights email marketing and marketing automation adoption, spend and strategy

GDAŃSK, POLAND (April 5, 2017)—GetResponse, the easy-to-use yet advanced online marketing platform with more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries, today announced the results of its 2017 “Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence Report.” The study, developed by GetResponse and, publishers of digital marketing advice, provides research to help support business improve their email, marketing automation and content marketing ROI.

"This report will help marketers improve the effectiveness of their digital campaigns, from email to marketing automation,” said Simon Grabowski, GetResponse Founder and CEO. “By comparing the techniques of others, businesses will be able to identify areas in need of improvement."

For the study, GetResponse and examined the email marketing messages of more than 2,510 email marketers around the world, with an even split in business-to-business (41.8%) and business-to-consumer (39.1%) marketers.

The key findings were as follows.

  • Email is more effective compared to other digital channels. When asked to rate the effectiveness of email marketing, the channel is rated a clear winner, with 53.6% respondents rating email marketing as “Excellent” or “Good” — higher than any other digital channel. In second was social media marketing at 50.9%, followed by search engine optimization at 45%.
  • Investment in email marketing is growing in many businesses. Over half of those (57.9%) surveyed say their businesses are planning to increase their email marketing budget, with only 7.5% planning to decrease their budget. More than one-third (34.9%) are satisfied with their current investment level and want their email marketing budget to remain the same in the year ahead.
  • Email marketing sophistication is limited in many businesses. Most shocking among respondents was a lack of campaign targeting. Over half don’t use any targeting whatsoever, and less than a third (29%) use basic segmentation for targeting. Additionally, when asked to assess their level of personal sophistication in email marketing, a plurality said they were “Beginners” (33.7%), followed by “Intermediate” (28.7%) and “Newbie” (20.6%). Only 12% said they were “Advanced,” while just 5% said “Expert.”
  • The opportunity of marketing automation is not being delivered upon in many businesses. The report also compares the use of automation. While the top 27.5% of companies are positive that they are using a good range of email marketing features, 17% are not using marketing automation at all and over half (54%) of businesses are at moderate use level of automation or below.
  • Integrating content marketing and email marketing. Despite the popularity of content marketing, responses show that a relatively small proportion of marketers are planning their use of it with roughly one-third (34.6%) having a long-term strategic approach to content planning, creation and distribution. Many businesses (39.3%) simply source content on an ad-hoc basis as they use it, suggesting the approach isn’t strategic. Likewise with measurement, less than one-third (29.7) assess and optimize the effectiveness of different content types used within the email and just 16.5% can measure the ROI of each content asset and value of each email sent.

To download the complete 2017 Email Marketing Performance Benchmark Study, click here.  

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