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Optimize the "spam box resistance" of your email messages and maintain highest industry standards by filtering your content with SpamAssassinTM.

Make your email foolproof to the strictest anti-spam criteria
to avoid spam flagging, improve your reputation with ISPs
and optimize deliverability.

Get Maximum Protection

Get Maximum Protection

SpamAssassinTM reviews the content of your message to determine whether anything may cause it to be classified by the ISPs as spam, ranking it on a scale of 0-5.

It not only filters it against constantly updated lists of "spam words," but also analyzes formatting, number and types of links, images, coding, From fields, headers, disclaimers, etc. Then it provides you with tips about areas that require corrections.

SpamAssassinTM is integrated with the GetResponse Message Editor, making it a part of your newsletter creation routine - intuitive and impossible to omit. This ensures that your message will pass the toughest anti-spam examinations.

External Application Support

SpamAssassinTM is an external application powered by the Apache Software Foundation. This ensures the highest level of protection through continuous control of the local and network tests and the experience of spam experts.

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