Newsletter Templates for Retail & E-Commerce

Spending is down, but consumers need “retail therapy” more than ever. How do you carry the hottest items and still have money left over for marketing? GetResponse − your one-stop shop for savvy email marketing!

A few examples of how you can use GetResponse to grow your business:

  • Socialize! Build your list and create some online buzz with GetResponse custom web forms, social media integration and one-click sharing.
  • Choose the perfect retail template from 500+ knockout designs! Image conscious? Impress with 1000+ FREE iStock images and 1 GB of media!
  • Send unlimited promotions and autoresponders to generate those “shopaholic cravings”. Remember, it can take 5+ touches to make the register sing!
  • Use free online surveys to find out what customers want, then segment by age, gender, buying history, preferences, and more to bring them in!
  • Not sure which items to feature? With GetResponse, you can split test up to 5 versions of your titles, design, and content so you always send winners.
  • Track, measure and evaluate your retail marketing progress with at-a-glance charts and detailed reports delivered to your inbox daily.
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