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How to Create a Viral Newsletter:


I’ve written 5 published books, which are carried in commercial book stores around the world. My name is Robert Bruce, and I’m the founder of Astral Dynamics. In 2011, I evolved into online self-publishing, because it provided me the opportunity to contact my readership directly, and increase my profit margin.

The key to making sales online is to keep a regular newsletter, featuring rich, original content that is genuinely useful to your readers. Think of the newsletter as an ongoing book, or magazine, where you freely dispense your best ideas one page at a time, and in return, you insert 2-3 tiny advertisements for your own goods and services.

It’s crucial that you consider your newsletter a real literary piece, and not just a way to spam your products. This will retain and grow your readership. My own following has gone from zero to tens of thousands because friends are telling friends. It’s gone viral, in a sense, due to its quality.

If you write a helpful, knowledgeable, timely newsletter then your readership will adore it, because they are getting your valuable content for free!

In my view, any serious author has a steady blog or letter where their fans can keep up with them on a weekly basis. And I prefer email newsletters to blogs because everyone checks their email on a daily basis, whereas readers may forget to check your blog!

I chose GetResponse to host my newsletter, because of their reputation. I’ve continued employing their solution, because of how user-friendly it is.

If you are just starting your newsletter, then stick to it. If your writing is outstanding, your readership will inevitably come.

Be Well,

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1. How to sell self published books?

Up until now having a great product was one thing but selling it was a whole different story. Fortunately, with email marketing, selling self-published ebooks has never been easier.

In order to generate sales, make sure to identify your audience. Find out who they are, what they do, and most importantly, what they interested in. Search the web, go through forums, conduct surveys and gather all the necessary data.

Once you have all the necessary information, plan out the communication strategy through which you will be promoting your books.

Send out Newsletters and Autoresponders to deliver the information about your publications at the right moment to generate highest interest.

Once you have finished your publication and created enough buzz around it, create an offer that your readers simply cannot miss out on.

Create a beautiful and effective Landing Pages to convert your readers into clients and show them how they can obtain your book.

2. How to promote your book?

Promoting your books is probably as important as actually writing them. To achieve greatest results, prepare a strategy and objectives and make sure to meet them in your first attempt.

In the ideal world, you should be promoting your books and creating a buzz around them even before they are finished. Communicating with readers on your private blog and other various forums is a great place to start generating the connection and engaging your audience.

To achieve greater results, make use of the number of available Email Marketing tools.

Prepare sign-up forms on your website and social media channels and collect data about your audience. Email address, the name and the field they are interested in can work as great conversation starter.

Follow up with tailored Newsletters and Autoresponders that refer to the topics of their interest and spark the interest in the right way and at the right moment.

Analyze the engagement levels with Email Analytics and optimize your communication to convert the interest into true desire.

Once the book is published, create a powerful Landing Page with a specially selected offer available just for your subscribers. Make them feel special and let them be the first ones to read your book.

Promote the publication with your newsletter and observe how your sales skyrocket.

3. How to use Internet marketing to advertise an ebook?

Self-publishing is a tough nut to crack. Luckily, there are number of great tools and methods that make advertising your ebook and reaching your customers a piece of cake.

Start a blog and social media profiles to make yourself visible and recognizable as the author of the soon-to-be best selling ebooks.

Drive traffic to your website through keyword strategies and taking an active part in online discussions that are related to your topic. This will portray you as both interesting and as someone who is an expert in his field.

Generate buzz around your publication through social media, blogs, forums and collect information about your audience (e.g. the email address) to convert leads into buyers.

Start the conversation, spark interest and inform the potential audience about events and new advancements in your book through Newsletters, Autoresponders and via social media channels.

Once the publication is about to be ready, convert the interest into desire and finally action.

Build a Landing Page that will turn your subscribers into actual clients and track your conversion rates.

Monitor how your online traffic and sales are improved as you successfully carry out your strategy and plan out future campaigns.

And the best part: even if your ebook has already been published, you can grow your sales. Continue to drive traffic to your website and follow the conversation.

Make use of Autoresponders to send out timely messages that will be sent out to your leads at the right moment according to the stage of the sales funnel they are in. Once they are ready, continue to make money.

4. How to create a successful ebook marketing strategy?

On the rise of the ebooks, the ability to market your publication successfully is very important. This is where a good strategy and email marketing tools comes in.

It is important to start your marketing even before the ebook will be available for its potential readers. Email Marketing is one of the essentials to include in the whole process.

Think about creating the landing page with a signup form so your visitors can subscriber to your newsletter and be notified about the release date of your ebook, local events like ebook signing or interviews.

Collect more information about your subscribers than just an email address. Think about asking them for their interests like ebook categories they read or how did they hear abut your ebook. All of this will enable you to target your information to the right people.

Think about engaging your followers on Twitter and and fans on Facebook, post a link to your sign up form in order to get more audience for official notifications and later deals in the whole process.

Create a simple checklist with all the things that need to be done while promoting your ebook, create a calendar and roadmap for your campaigns. Write all steps down and keep it handy so you can always go back to the checklist.

5. How to gain more publicity for your novel?

Gather your audience even before the release date of your ebook. Tweet about it, post on your Facebook Fan Page, engage everyone you know to spread the word about your ebook and its campaign.

Inform people on already written bits of the story, announce the events and ebook signing via email. Allow people to share your newsletters on social media to get even wider exposure on the web.

In the first newsletter introduce yourself as an ebook author, share your biography. Create the Autoresponders cycle to save some time on delivering the static bits of information to your new subscribers.

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