Open Rates from
9.05% to 30.42%
with GetResponse

G2A is one of the fastest growing global online gaming platforms with almost 750 professionals on board. Their customers are gamers and e‑sports enthusiasts from all over the world looking for excitement, adventure, and top-class entertainment.


  • Deliver the right
    content based on
    customer preferences

  • Optimize message

  • Decrease


  • +30.42%

    Open rates increased
    to 30.42%

  • +4.9%

    CTR increased
    to 4.9%

  • -67%

    Costs decreased
    3 times

Decrease costs effectively

Companies of all sizes usually struggle with very limited resources on online marketing. Although G2A hires only two specialists responsible for strategic planning, executing, reporting, analyzing, and advising regional marketing teams, they’re still getting outstanding results.

Comparing only two periods: April 2016 - July 2016 and August 2016 - March 2017 we managed to decrease our costs 3 times and significantly improved our campaign performance. As a result, our open rates increased from 9.05% to 30.42% and our CTR went up from 1.51% to 4.9%. Yes, we find our stats pretty satisfying, say Renata Zajdel and Michal Werynski, Email Marketing Specialists at G2A.

Decrease costs effectively

As G2A Customer Experience Engineer, Pawel Wroclawski admits the key to G2A success lays in their consistency.

They work only with their trusted subscriber base and send their emails on a regular basis. Thanks to country segmentation and smart personalization tricks they managed to build their list up to a few millions subscribers.

Optimize message delivery

Optimize message delivery

One of the smart ways that helped the G2A marketing team get such an outstanding improvement was message delivery optimization. In order to send the right message at the right time they used Perfect Timing, a feature that sends the newsletters exactly when subscribers are most likely to open them.

We used Perfect Timing a lot to get better results and it actually worked pretty well,” says Michal Werynski. ”We ran a month test period comparing the result of emails sent with Perfect Timing on and off, and the results with the option turned on were much better,” he adds. In fact, in a private test conducted with 5,000 GetResponse customers, Perfect Timing increased opens by 23% and clicks by 20%.

User-friendly software for enterprise

Before G2A came across GetResponse, they used outsourced services to manage their marketing activities. Now when they use GetResponse they are fully in charge of their email campaigns. At the same time, they can always turn to their dedicated Customer Experience Engineer for help with improving efficiency and optimizing their online marketing campaigns for better performance.

User-friendly software for enterprise

GetResponse turned out to be user-friendly software that covers the needs of companies of all sizes,” says Zajdel. ”What’s really outstanding is their customer support and attitude towards clients. Their Customer Experience Engineers have always been helpful and eager to solve problems and we really appreciate it!

Optimizing their email marketing with GetResponse platform resulted in a big win for G2A. Not only did they increase their open and click rates, but also managed to effectively decrease the costs and improve message deliverability. All that with only two people on board!

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