How C4CM Achieved 117% List Growth

and up to 56% Open Rate with GetResponse

C4CM provides online training resources in Human Resources, Corporate Finance, Law Practice Management, Corporate Legal Counsel, and Business Skills. So far the company has trained, educated, and improved the performance of more than 25,000 professionals from over 12,000 organizations worldwide.


  • Increase number of leads
  • Introduce a lead nurturing campaign
  • Decrease bounce rate

Features used

  • Forms
  • Marketing automation
  • GetResponse MAX solutions


  • List growth by 117%
  • Open rate increase from
    17% to 56%
  • CTR growth from 0.5%
    to 3.5%

C4CM provides high-impact and easy-to-use training solutions that help individuals and companies improve their skills. Their services are dedicated to any business professional interested in human resources, corporate finances, legal services, and general business skills trainings. Such a broad target audience and a variety of products forced the company to find an all-in-one marketing platform for multi-channel marketing activities. “We see GetResponse as an integrated platform for our online marketing”, admits Tara Cosca, Director of Marketing at C4CM.

Here’s how GetResponse helped:

B2B lead generation platform

Since C4CM operates mainly within the B2B sector, they know exactly what they need to convert prospects into heavy buyers. To begin with, by using customized web forms, the company collects business data including number of employees, company name, or industry in order to segment their database very precisely. In addition, C4CM easily integrated GetResponse with popular ecommerce platforms allowing for quick list imports. As a result, the company achieved extremely good results in list building with monthly increase in signups by 117%.

Marketing automation for segmentation

C4CM provides customers with valuable content materials: webinars, CD and MP3 recordings, guides and manuals, or e-learning modules. Such a variety of products requires an effective content distribution strategy, so C4CM applied marketing automation to build their communication workflows.

Automating our campaigns has saved us a lot of time”
– admits Tara Cosca.

In fact, the company created already over 60 automation workflows. They also actively use tagging to track their customers’ preferences and shopping choices. Combined with advanced segmentation, tags allow them to create more personalized emails with the right content dedicated for the right customer. As a result, the company achieved an open rate of up to 56%, and a 3.5% click-through rate within their automated emails.

Dịch vụ dành riêng

Before switching to GetResponse, C4CM used other popular email marketing providers. These turned out to be less effective and more expensive. “We chose GR because it was cost-effective, easy to use, and had flexible contract terms,” says Tara. “In fact, the transition to GetResponse MAX was smooth with no major hiccups thanks to the onboarding and training sessions,” she adds.

After switching to GetResponse, the company immediately saw improved results. A dedicated IP address, thorough warm-up process and deliverability advice helped them significantly improve their KPIs. Now their average bounce rate is only 0.5%! Their Customer Experience Engineer’s assistance in both strategic campaign planning and daily marketing challenges proved invaluable, too.

And why did they decide to switch to GetResponse in the first place?

GetResponse not only competes with the larger platforms, but exceeds them in customer service, usability, and deliverability!”
– says Tara Cosca.

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