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Events Tracking

Get insights beyond page views to vastly improve your marketing

Gain powerful insights

You can create highly personalized and automated responses by collecting information about users’ behavior on your website or in an app.

The functionality enables more accurate tracking and profiling of users’ activities and behaviors by recording the types, time, and frequency of performed actions.

This gives you the best course of insights to create specific follow-ups and prompt relevant and timely communications using the GetResponse marketing automation functionality.

Use Web Events tracking in your marketing automation flows

  • Send emails based on user behavior
  • Collect event data about user behavior to inform future marketing campaigns
  • Understand your customers and the customer journey better
  • Track and act on specific actions, such as when they only watch part of a video (25% watched, 75% watched) to spur different marketing automation flows
  • Run A/B tests with website events tracking set analyze audience preferences for more informed decisions
  • Segment your audience based on tracking events and the frequency they occur
  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities and reengage user-specific products or content recommendations
  • Offer discount codes on ecommerce websites related to users’ shopping interests

What events can you track?

With JavaScript installed on your web pages, you have the flexibility to gather in-depth information about a large number of web events as they occur during a user’s visit. You can track the following web events:

  • Page loading/closing
  • Clicking on any web
    page element
  • Hovering over an item
  • Pressing a key
  • Loading an external script
  • Value of the form field
  • Submitting a form
  • Change of item
    status on the page
  • Selection of a specific form field (select, checkbox, radio button, etc.)
  • And many others

Get help getting started

Through our dedicated support, you’ve got an expert partner to make the whole process work for you. Let us help you get started the right way and guide you in deciding what are the best events to track for your business and your unique audience.

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