How does the Splitter filter work? Video

You can use the Splitter filter to split the contacts in your workflow into two groups depending on the percentage division set up in the properties of the element.

The element has two paths: A (left) and B (right). The contacts go randomly down each of the two paths, depending on the percentages you’ve set up.

splitter filter

The Splitter filter is useful when you want to test your marketing strategy on two groups of contacts and check the results. It allows you to split your contacts into different customer journeys.

One example of different customer journeys can be sending one part of your contacts a welcome email to greet them in your mailing list when the other path receives a sales email with your offer.

The filter is also helpful if you want to set up two different educational journeys and then check which of the messages got higher open and click rates. Connect your messages to different paths by dragging the Send message action to the workplace and selecting your messages. You can track results of the messages if you go to Reports > Automation messages or use this shortcut. Learn more about message statistics.

How to set up the Splitter filter?

To set up the filter:

  1. Go to Automation (or use this shortcut) and click Create workflow.
  2. Drag the Splitter element into your workspace.
  3. Click on it and go to the Properties tab.
  4. Set up the percentages on how you want to split your contacts (e.g. 50%/50%, 80%/20%).
    splitter setting up properties.
  5. Connect the element to your condition at the top.
    (Optional) If you’re using the Subscribed to list condition as your starting element, you can select to Include contacts who are already on this list before the workflow starts in order to automatically segment your existing list into different paths.


    splitter connect the condition.
  6. Connect actions you want to happen to each of the paths – A (left) and B (right).
    splitter connect the actions.

How does the distribution work?

The element divides your contacts into two groups according to the percentage split you’ve set up in the properties. For smaller number of contacts (below 100) the split may not exactly match the division you’ve set up and can be off by a couple of percents. This is because smaller groups may not always be divided into the exact split you’ve entered. The split will be more accurate for bigger groups of contacts.

Tutorial video