What are the differences between funnel pages?

There are different types of pages that you can create in Conversion funnel. Each page can serve a different purpose. Check out how they differ.

  • Signup page: lets you build lists of contacts. The page has a sign-up and an exit pop up form that encourage contacts to sign up.
  • Sales page: presents products that your potential customers might buy from you. By clicking on a product, they will get to the order page.
  • Order page: consists of order summary and lets your potential customers complete the order. They will need to fill in contact, billing and payment details. By filling all the details on the order page, your clients will get to the confirmation page.
  • Confirmation page: shows order summary with all the products they bought.

Signup page

You can create it in list building, webinar and sales funnels. It is a landing page where you can collect leads by encouraging them to sign up to your list. You can tell them what they will get in return for their signup. You can also offer a freebie to get even more signups. This page has:
Inline form: it could be static or pop up one.
Exit pop up form: it will pop up when someone tries to exit the page.

sign up page.

When your contacts sign up, you can redirect them to a thank-you page. There are several options to choose from, depending on what your goal is:
Default thank-you page: you can create it in the landing page editor.
Custom thank-you page: you can add a URL address that will serve as a thank-you page.
Stay on current page: contacts will stay on the signup page.

Sales page

You can create it in sales and in paid webinar type of funnel. It is a page where you can turn leads into customers. You can design a page to promote products and encourage potential customers to buy them. When they choose a product on the sales page, they will get to the order page where they can complete the purchase.

sales page.

Order page

It is the page your leads will get to when they choose a product on the sales page. This is the place where they can finalize their purchase. There is a set of details that they will need to fill in to complete the order:

• Full name,
• Email address,
• Billing address,
• Credit card information,
• Products purchased,
• Total price.

When the leads complete the details and click on the order button to finalise their purchase, GetResponse will take them to the confirmation page.

Confirmation page

It is the page where your customers can see their order summary, download link and other contact details.

confirmation page.